THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/28/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Journeyers of love, we have a message of destiny for you today. Listen closely, and read with love, for that is what you are.

There comes a time in your life when you know what you must do, but you may fear doing it. Perhaps the dream is right before you, but you must choose between two lives... the sure thing, which is the one you are doing, living or leading... and then the one that has no guarantees. Well, we are here to share with you that it is time to forge a path that guarantees you gave your dream its best shot at becoming a reality. In that, you have to know that the action of choosing action alone IS making the dream a reality. 

You see, there is no more time for fear or contrived stories of why you cannot do this or that. "This or that" is what you came here to experience. If you have been reading on this portal for a while, you know that we have said a dream will only ever be that without action. So, you must take action to CREATE the energy of dream-turning-to-reality. Unless, of course, you'd rather your dream only remain that so you have something to think and wonder about when you are bored doing other things.

But we guarantee you something. If you want the dream badly enough and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, you will NEVER be bored, and will therefore NEVER need to daydream about something else.

You see, the Universe meets you in wondrous ways when you take action with your vessel for the God-particle's pilot to be lit. You have always wondered about what it would take to step up, but first you must step in. You MUST live your life as if your dream has already manifested into your reality. Then, it will. Do you get it? When you create the space or energy for the dream to manifest, you are creating a literal sandbox for your dream castle to exist.

Fear and worry in that sandbox would be a waste of time and energy. If, instead, you were to focus on the sandbox you had just created BY TAKING ACTION, you would be SO BUSY finding tools to build the sand castle that you would keep the energy train of manifestation rolling to the next stop, then the next and so on.

What we are saying to you is worry not about things like "money". Money is energy. And when you realize that when you put out energy to create your dream, you attract other energy, like money, toward you. You must give away (or put out there) what you want/need the most. It is not the money you must give away or put out there, but rather the energy. Doing this will attract other forms of energy, like money, that you will need as tools for your journey.

So think not of lack, but abundance. YOU are a GREAT resource for wisdom and energy. Create the energy within you, and attract the energy you need toward you in all desirable forms, including money. See money in THIS way, and you will never see a lack of it again.

Change takes alchemy. Alchemy takes trust and courage. But heed these words close to your hearts and "step in" to your NEW LIFE & EXPERIENCE YOU MUST.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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