Cosmic Consciousness Extras- September 14, 2023 Virgo New Moon Opening of the Wormhole

Stephanie AzariaCosmic Consciousness 💫Extras💫

Virgo 22   A woman writing with the tip of her fingernail


Exhaustive channeling of the process involved in translating spirit into form. Lucid observance of what it takes to be a true vessel. Playing it out only for the sake of revealing to others how this is done. A precise schooling in making what is otherwise obscure and elusive, something that can be said, can be shown, can be processed consciously, even in the outer mind.

                By doing it this way, we become conversant with the pivotal   point of contact between and among worlds. We don’t dance away from that edge to get anywhere else or do anything removed from this. We are like a fine stylus, engraved in the world to hold that position and become transparent to what absolute dedication can facilitate in the subtlest spheres.

                An agreement ahead of time to bear witness, to stay with the permutations of mind and not to deviate from the promise that we can do this path which Divine Spirit has suggested to us all. We can be the pure Sophia stream of Divine Wisdom demonstrating with supernal clarity that all is of spirit; this one here is standing in the spirit even as they give themselves over to whatever is asked in all directions.

                There is one considerable difficulty in the bargain. We know too much too soon. We are too sharply aware in a conscious way of things we have no business knowing. And therefore, we must go slowly and gently and double back around, and be sure of integrity and wholeness, of coherence and consistency in the way we are operating.

                This is all about having been prepared beforehand to chalk up the experience every single moment of life. The story is being told from the future. This one in the now is instrumental at keeping track yet hanging loose. For there is always more to come and it will overturn even this fine point.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation on the Virgo Wormhole/ new Moon cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny