Cosmic Consciousness Extras- September 15, 2023 Mercury Turns Direct

Stephanie AzariaCosmic Consciousness 💫Extras💫

  Virgo 9  A man mixing cement

                Making sure that the world around us is safe, steady, is secure. Working hard to form a life that holds together under duress. Being concerned with what can go wrong, and how to head it off before it happens. Planning ahead. Seeing every possible problem, contingency, likelihood. Intent upon staying on top of things and not being so very foolish.

                The mentality of working against our own inherent nature. Having glimpsed the fact that we are likely to do anything, given half the chance, we tend to decide rationally that we must control ourselves and generate lots of safeguards around our own unpredictable whims and endless personal vagrancy’s.

                The witnessing intelligence working overtime to outwit pure inventive genius and its soundly errant ways. But perhaps it doesn’t work. We try and we try to second guess and check it out and do the right thing. It can be that the wild child outwits the steady-eyed grown up, the feelings show up through the cracks and the mind can’t keep them firmly under.

                Then we enter upon a radically different life current. We may discover that this impish, lawless, irrepressible spark is not something to be ashamed of, or wipe away the traces of, or clean up after. We begin to merge within our own strange, fascinating genius.

                It can turn out that he is our salvation. For he has this one pivotal characteristic which redeems him and makes him worth working with, whatever it takes. He is able to cut right through every possible form, style, and appearance, to reveal the hidden truth in a way that vastly enriches our shared reality.

                It is not easy to bear a completely lawless force inside. But it is hardest to go against it, most natural to at last say Yes.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation on the Virgo Wormhole/ new Moon cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny