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Sunday, March 6, 2016

There is so much going on inside us, in the world, and in the cosmos, and it is all the same. Today the Sun makes a stepping stone aspect to Saturn, both in the emotional body (quadrant) in Cosmic Consciousness. We are taking the vastness of our emotional power and attuning it to achieve wholeness in service to ourselves and others. We can feel our emotions (and there is a lot flying around out there), and we can also master them, using the guidance of the inner guru (Saturn).


There is also a Sun/Pluto resource today, making available to us the transformative power of what happens when we find the blessing in everything and maintain an active stance of gratitude for what we have. Doing this, we can expand love in action through expressing our Selves freely yet lovingly, with conscious awareness of what we think, say and do, and the effect it has on others. Every kind thought, word and deed, to our Selves and others, creates an alchemy that spreads out into the world and is sorely needed now.


Mercury (2 degrees Pisces) is also making a Great Eliminator aspect with Makemake (2 degrees Libra), giving us a choice as to how the new Masculine energies within us all will consciously interact and manifest. We are upgraded mentally, and this cosmic connection gives us a chance to apply our new consciousness to our highest authority, making it congruent with the cosmic order. We are giving our Selves ample opportunities to realign spiritually, mentally and emotionally today. Quite a day!!