Eris Varuna Cosmic Consciousness

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Thursday February 11, 2016

There is much dissatisfaction out there in the world, and it is creating actions that don’t seem to be following the “rules”, or usual protocol agreed upon in the world, which is a reflection of what is within us. This is Eris at work, creating the impetus for change, but not knowing how or why or what that change will be. That’s ok. We can sit with this feeling that things cannot go on as they have, knowing that things will change without our making it happen. Today the Sun makes a resource with Eris at 22 degrees Aquarius/Aries. We are all individuals in the collective, yet we are all connected. The future is upon us, but we don’t have to DO anything, just BE centered (that’s do-ing enough), hold our loving space, and observe.


At the same time, our newly upgraded mental processes, courtesy of Mercury in Capricorn, gets a boost from connecting with Varuna in a bridge (opposition) aspect in Cancer. We are not meant to ignore our feelings. We can feel them, acknowledge them and give them to Source. Varuna aids in our processing the new Divine Masculine, balancing thought and feeling, raising that balance to the highest level of compassionate Universal Mind.  Just another tool to help us on our journey in this new consciousness.