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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Today was such a powerhouse of a day, with so many astrological events occurring: a Mercury/Mars stepping stone, Mercury going retrograde, Venus making a stepping stone with Neptune  (and also with Orcus in Virgo), and the Sun coming together with Pluto in Capricorn. Whew!


One of my new year’s resolutions is to make changes in my day-to-day routine (how about having one?) (isn’t that so Pluto in Capricorn?) so that I can take small steps towards manifesting my dreams.  I have 3 things I love: astrology, writing, and music, and I want to do a little of each every day. So far it isn’t working; I usually have no time to practice guitar or write a song.  If I do that, I have no time for writing. And so on. With today’s new cycle of the Sun/Pluto conjunction I hope to shed some light (Sun) on this situation and transform (Pluto) it by getting up a little earlier, using a timer when I’m doing tasks or on the computer, etc. I have to ask myself: What wants to be expressed today (Venus/Neptune)? Today it was astrological writing, tomorrow the answer might be different.


Another resolution is doing something physical every day. I’m pretty undisciplined mentally and physically, preferring to stay up late and sleep later. Along those lines I asked my Self: What does my body need (Mercury/Mars)? When my hip hurts, what is it saying? Well, last year I saw a course called 21-Day Yoga Body by Sadie Nardini. I made a note to enroll, but something always held me back: I didn’t want to spend the money, I would go to a physical yoga class (never did), I was too tired, busy, you name it. Then I thought, if I still want to do this by the end of the year, I’m gonna go for it. So here we are—I spent the money, and bought the class. It was harder than I thought, with poses that help the core around the stomach (my weakest point), Sun Breath and more. I’ve only done it for 4 days; already there is resistance in my mind. Yet, it is different this time; when doing a maneuver from Downward Dog to Plank and back, called a Wave (couldn’t do it at all, at first) I told my Self, very quietly, “you can do it.” That’s all. In this movie there is no “can’t”, just “do it” and move on.  And I  tried again. And again. It’s not perfect, but I did it. More important, I tried, and I have done the class every day so far, despite the resistance. And I’ll do it tomorrow too. That’s how transformation happens, a little at a time.


How do we talk to ourselves? How do we treat our bodies? Our higher Love for our Selves, and our new ways of thinking about ourselves propels us forward one step at a time, towards the transformations that we seek.  In this way we attain mastery over our lower selves.