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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Retrograde Mars, at 7 Sagittarius, the only personal planet left out of the Taurus stellium, is making his own trine or manifestation with Ceres at 7 Aries. We are bringing something new into being that will manifest on the physical level. We need to bring conscious discipline to nurturing ourselves when our bodies present us with messages in the form of pain or discomfort.  Meditation, stretching, yoga, Reiki, etc. are all ways we can assist our bodies.  We need to be open to the messages that come to us about how to heal ourselves. When these messages come, our actions will bring us closer to Source within our Selves.


Here’s my own example of this: I have always been interested in reflexology and energy medicine; my nutritionist uses a technique called Nutrition Response Testing, which is similar to the Chinese meridian system. I apparently have the beginnings of high blood pressure, so I Google’d to find meridians that would address that, and found a wonderful site ( by Holly Tse that gave 3 acupressure points specifically for hypertension. Talk about Divine Spark! This seems like a direct message to me, and an opportunity to learn and apply a new methodology for healing. Who knows where it will lead, but it is certainly a new beginning.


May our new beginnings manifest healing on every level.