Mars Juno Cosmic Consciousness

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Mars and Juno formed a New Cycle at 3:30 AM (the 3:3 of manifestation), at 12 Scorpio, the sign of Highest Vision, bringing unity consciousness to our physicality. We are beginning a new cycle of awareness of our connection to one another despite the 3D separation of our physicality as more of us can envision this awareness. At the same time, Ceres, in the sign of Aquarian self-love, has been busy making a resource (sextile) aspect to Quaoar, bringing us to the realization that with our new mental upgrades, courtesy of Mercury retrograde/Pluto and Uranus, we are capable of higher thought; with these higher thoughts and intentions we nurture ourselves, clearing out old thought forms; and with unconditional self-love we create higher thoughts and intentions, it is a circle….and each thought or intention changes what manifests physically for everyone. All this, while Jupiter is expanding our evolutionary consciousness with the Soul Star Chakra at 23 Virgo, the sign of Wholeness. These new cycles and connections represent the parts of our consciousness coming together, wholing; evolution moving up the spiral. Nothing to do but meditate on that unity consciousness as we birth new thought forms into being and work on clearing out the old reality of separation.