Mercury and Venus Cosmic Consciousness

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mercury and Uranus form a New Cycle (conjunction) in the Cosmic Consciousness 1 o’clock hour of Aquarius, the hour of Spiritual Love, where we drop our defenses and learn to love ourselves as Source does. How do we do that? With loving thoughts for ourselves and others; with a willingness to be vulnerable and open. Thoughts become things; who knows what breakthroughs we will tap when we love fearlessly.


At the same time, Venus begins a New Cycle with Ceres, in the 2 o’clock Pisces hour of Spiritual Wisdom, where we face our fears and expand into ourselves more fully. Ceres nurtures us and attends to us as we grieve over those attachments left behind and no longer needed; she resurrects from the ashes that which we need for our journey forward at the heart level. She has the assistance of Sedna as a resource (sextile) in Taurus, who holds the space for us and encourages us to connect ourselves with our inner guidance. Sedna helps us to be grounded even as she teaches non-attachment. She gives us the bigger picture, where we can see our deepest fears as ancient attachments, and slowly work to detach from them. These very Divine Feminine energies work with the Divine Masculine energies of the newly calibrated Mercury, bringing us to ascencion.


At the heart level we are being prepared for the core disruption that Eris brings when she meets with Mercury in a few days.