Mercury Mars (Male Female Balance) Cosmic Consciousness

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A couple of days ago I tried to put into words what I perceive regarding “the ongoing adaptation of the Truth of Mars” and the “passing of the baton” between Mercury and Mars.
So here’s how I experience it:

SHE steps out of the water and she reclaims the land. It’s the movement that demonstrates that conscious awareness of the Divine Feminine Energy expands and returns to the physical realm and it fully awakens within the body now. It’s been there all along but we didn’t had the conscious awareness in order to perceive that presence in our physical cells. Our senses were trained and focused in a way that wouldn’t allow for that kind of perception, it’s been humanity’s blind spot so to speak (similar to seeing all the objects in a room without sensing and realizing the space that fills the room). But we cleared the waters and dissolved the denseness that prevented us from FEELING the direct connectedness with source in every moment through our physical bodies so that it would influence our perception of reality. Instead we didn’t SEE it and none of our DOING was sourced from BEING consciously connected with the ALL.
Our perception came from an imbalanced state of mind, the essence of the feminine energy has not been understood, it had no weight or power because it wasn’t perceived nor experienced by the eyes of men. It’s a body intelligence we didn’t consciously work with because we didn’t know it was there. We LOOKED for solutions in the outside world because we thought that’s all there is. The Balance returns now as the body regains conscious awareness of itself holding the substance of Love within every cell. Every particle and molecule that makes up the physical realm is filled with this substance and we regain our ability to perceive it and make it count. Separation consciousness dissolves. Our body and the earth body are ONE and we can finally let this Truth reshape our world. Imagine the fundamental change in how we perceive and communicate, express and experience in the world when we embody the consciousness of Love that comes from a balanced mind.
We might have THOUGHT the flower is shriveled and lacking water but this was just the reflection of our inability to fully value and understand the potential of water and the divine feminine. As soon as we remember the power of the feminine energy what we will perceive ‘out there’ will be very different as it will be based on the realization of our wholeness.
If we can see the wholeness in ourselves and All things we’re no longer wired to the idea of ‘needing to fix things’ nor do we have to operate in such a realm.
The true revaluation takes place within us and the change in perception that comes with it. As conscious holders and embodiers of m-f balance we determine the new paradigm as no thought or action that is still based in the old realm of lack/fear will be able to withstand the realized truth and coherence of Love in form. We are free to remember and manifest the Truth of physicality (Eden template) into being.