Mercury Pluto Cosmic Consciousness

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These days it’s quite normal to see a person walking down the street while conducting and facilitating a live virtual conference through their tiny hidden blue tooth headset.  If we can imagine instant wireless connection at the speed of light and tiny high speed mechanisms for communication anywhere on our planet and beyond, then why can’t we imagine that we inherently have that same capability within our own minds?  Because we do.  We don’t need the technology, we ARE the technology.  Cutting edge breakthroughs in technology and communications are serving as reminders of our own inner capabilities when we activate our personal equipment and fine tune ourselves and our bodies as consciousness, calibrating with the abundant universal frequencies.

If we can allow the highly sophisticated and newly calibrated antennas of our higher minds to receive and fine tune the communications and messages that are available to us, we might initially be overwhelmed and over saturated, either with irritating static interference, headaches, ringing of the ears, or intense volumes of sound.  This series of 3 Mercury Pluto conjunctions are breaking it down into segments, making the upgrades more manageable for those who are ready.  This 3 part calibration is like the ultimate manifestation of an upgraded auditory channel that is synching with the physical sensations coming through the kinesthetic channel (Mars), connecting our lower 4 body system to a much higher network of communications.  (this week we also experience Mars/Neptune manifestation and Mars/Jupiter stressors to support in activating, opening and expanding those deepest physical channels for kinesthetic receiving).

The universe is created by sound, frequency, and vibration.  Every vibration carries a message that can be heard, seen, or felt.  In 3D, we’ve been so accustomed to believing what we hear or see from what we can prove, without a doubt, in physical dimension.  But as we start awakening and opening unconditionally (Aquarian energy, Sun enters Aquarius on Wed) we can access the air waves of consciousness that resonate within the network of connectivity between all dimensions and all beings.

We hear what we want to hear, and we can intentionally (or stubbornly) tune out or ignore whatever messages we don’t want to hear, or whatever we don’t believe is real.  This Friday is an amazing opportunity to dial in as the ultimate receiver and go channel surfing.  We’re bound to get some interesting and cutting edge messages from other side, connecting with souls who have passed, our guides, angels and other light beings…but most importantly, our resurrected and Christed Cosmic Self, the part of our consciousness that resides in the infinite space between worlds and dimensions.  Mercury is the Messenger, and Pluto is connected to the ferrymen who ushers us between dimensions and incarnations.  Imagine the mind being ushered and guided between the dimensions to receive the important downloads that complete the latest install of our 5D operating system.

We’ve been gutting and rewiring our communication systems in our lower 4 body system, now we’re attuning those wiring systems to higher cosmic frequencies that can plug us in to the network of galactic communication.  As within, so without…the more subtle and profound our internal sensitivity becomes, the more accessible and open we become to receive other worldly and cosmic vibrations and messages.  It’s all a reflection of our own consciousness, and our capacity to communicate clearly with our Cosmic Self is being integrated and ready for implementation by the time the 3rd and final Mercury Pluto conjunction occurs.