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The freedom documents of this country, founded with the best of intentions, were created by the patriarchy, specifically the white patriarchy for white men to the clear exclusion of women and people of color and Gaia herself. However, they ARE sacred doctrines imbued with real spiritual power and intentions for the well-being of all. I have read that the founding fathers were inspired by the spiritual traditions of governance of the first nations peoples that respected the divine connections and rights of all beings. NOW, on the first Pluto return of the United States, this infant country can come into some level of maturity of this sacred promise embedded in our freedom documents. It is up to the people.
Astrologically, we can see that the patriarchy is indeed dying. Its time is up. We are moving fully into the Aquarian Age this year. and the promise of this incredible Saturn Pluto stellium with all the higher consciousness 5D planets is for the PEOPLE, the Moon in the Sibley chart, to claim their personal power in their own lives, and their responsibility to direct our national, state and federal governments to do OUR WILL, not the will of the elite and deep state actors.
This is an individual, deeply personal process, however, as we take our stand and responsibility. We must look evil right in the eye, summon forth our REAL limitless power, and DECIDE that, regardless of appearances, there is no victim/perpetrator since we are all individuations of Source Energy with absolute free will. The role of the Earth Sar/south node in this Saturn Pluto ascension stellium is profound. We must each take full responsibility for our own akashic records and forgive ourselves and all others for the insanity and literal horror and inhumanity we have chosen. There is no place in the Light of the World that each and every one of us are in Truth for judgment (aka projection), or continued excuses for divisiveness and blame, victim/perpetrator.
The Saturn Pluto stellium summons every one of us to step up into the reality that we are Gods and ONE with all life in Love and Joy and Peace. Let your Phoenix Self examine the nest it has built in 3D and the body made from its ego, fear-based beliefs; immolate itSelf in the Sacred Fire of unconditional Love; and create for ItSelf a True Body of Light in which it will embody Heaven on Earth uniquely through that which elicits JOY.
We never came here to suffer and lack. We have been mistaken. We came here to play, to co-create Heavens and earths. Yes, this Saturn Pluto stellium is extremely uncomfortable for virtually everyone. This is because you are once and for all having to face the mistakes and miscreations we have willfully made and projected out onto others and this world because it was too painful to face responsibility for the separation from Source and the Joy of our Oneness. Now is our time to own it all and forgive it all; first and foremost, with ourselves. The karma that we have each made is showing up in our personal lives and globally in mass consciousness all around the planet. Love is simple. Let us not sit in front of the hot stove holding our hands on the hot oven door while doing nothing more than complain about how hot and painful it is. It is up to each one of us to say “No more. I did not come here to suffer and lack. I did not come here to judge and to hate. I take responsibility and I forgive my errors and what appear to be the errors of others in my projections ‘out there.’ I choose the truth of my Real divine Self. I choose Love and Oneness.”
WE THE PEOPLE are claiming the real and rich potential of the Saturn Pluto conjunction at the time of the founding of this country and we can now begin to fulfill the real destiny of this nation as we move through the next few years of the Pluto return of the United States. I am in awe seeing how the Language of Light is setting up the Pluto return of the United States!  I am in awe now that those who have eyes to see can consciously include the newly discovered, astrological archetypes increasingly being identified by astronomers in the past few decades in our ever-expanding consciousness.
Pluto is destiny. Pluto is how we “fly” home in celestial phoenix bodies of radiant Light. The people of the United States have a sacred destiny for Love and Oneness as we move forward into the Aquarian age co-creating this country. Our personal choices for Light will shine away all the darkness with our LOVE.  Perfect Love casts out all fear.  Perfect Love is Who and What we all are in Truth. We can co-create a national consciousness that is inclusive and connecting in loving kindness to all beings on this planet and in this solar system. Let’s fulfill our personal and national and planetary destiny on behalf of and in service to All our Relations <3


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