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Sunday, January 3, 2016


The Orcus/Neptune bridge (at 7+ degrees Virgo/Pisces) has been open since November, and will be with us for some time to come. If Orcus is our access to the invisible realm, where we connect with our Cosmic Selves, walking the bridge to Neptune and back is where the veils lift, showing us where we come from and where we belong. We need to be pure of heart to walk this bridge. In a few days Venus will make a stepping stone on this bridge at 7 Sagittarius, bringing Love and self-worth into the mix. I feel that some of us have made this journey; we are waiting patiently for others to become aware and awake. The Mercury/Mars stepping stone provides the mind/body upgrades that will assist this awakening.


Juno (Scorpio) and Vesta (Aries) make a Great Eliminator (inconjunct) aspect giving us a choice in how we apply devotion to our relationships with our Selves. If we are not devoted to our own self-care, who is? Making those choices to care for our bodies and love with our minds can only serve to keep us in the present, and in gratitude.