Saturn Cosmic Consciousness

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October 16, 2016


These times are beyond words, a truly suspenseful movie. Some day there will be an actual movie about these times. With everything going on, I saw that Saturn formed a Wisdom intersection with the nodes yesterday. You can see that we are shaking loose all our unconscious (and conscious) ideas about women and power all over the world, reaching all the way back to our past and all the way to the future and calibrating it with unity consciousness from Sun/Haumea. And Mars, representing the new Divine Feminine, manifests with the Soul Star Chakra, bringing this recalibration of inner authority into our very bodies, with the Earth Star as a resource. We can't heal unless we bring these ancient issues to light, and that's happening in a huge way right now. Juno connecting with Uranus/Eris gives us the fork in the road, the choice once again to choose Love over fear. Because we are in labor now, and don't know the outcome (even though at some level it's already happened), it is a very scary and intense time, and our choices must be made consciously and deliberately, with diligence, love, compassion for all, surrender and non-attachment.