Saturn Neptune Cosmic Consciousness

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September 10, 2016


Amazing how everything clicks into place. Saturn and Neptune, with Antares and the Earth Star Chakra in tow, make their closing stepping stone, their last one, giving us the space to claim our authority once and for all, going past the illusions that threaten to confuse us if we are not paying attention. Illusion and deception are all around us; we must claim our own part in this shadow, and remember to love it and forgive it. We are meant to be here now, and all the chaos and discomfort is the result of many beginning to awaken and there are those who are afraid of that awakening. We must love and forgive them too; they are expressing the shadow. We are clearing karma for the planet. 
Mercury bridges Chiron, and we have access to unlimited healing of the Divine Masculine via the higher mind. Once we zoom into this in our Selves we can send it out into the world. It is no accident that Juno is conjoined with Black Moon Lilith at the Saturn/Neptune stepping stone: our unity consciousness is connecting in a new cycle with our Divine Feminine even while we are healing our Divine Masculine. How perfect it all is!
I’m blown away by what the cosmos reflects about us.