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Friday, May 20, 2016

As the Sun enters Gemini, Venus begins a new cycle with Sedna.  Venus is the classic ruler of Libra, representing beauty, Love and balance in relationships; always looking outside itself.  In Cosmic Consciousness Sedna is the ruler, and Libra represents the Mirrored Self, the deeper, highest realization that relationships are a mirror, showing us what we don’t/can’t see in our Selves, helping us understand that Self/other are really One = Source. Venus and Sedna are both at 26 Taurus (Venus’ sign!); we ground ourselves through opening our hearts and working to focus on our inner guidance. Sedna is the outermost planet in our consciousness, and holds all wisdom of the Universe; as we grow and ascend in consciousness we will be able to access her more.


Stephanie has said, “Sedna is the archetype of association with the reunification of the Divine Feminine, the same Divine Feminine that carries all the wisdom of the ages, and reflects the Divine wisdom held within the invisible realm.” This conjunction with Venus represents our own personal connection with the Divine Feminine, and to the extent that we can fully open our hearts and consciously come from a loving place, we connect to the vast energies of Love and wisdom of the Divine Feminine that Sedna holds for us. That it takes place in the Sagittarius 11 o’clock hour is an indicator of just how much it is needed now. We must diligently align ourselves by surrendering to Love and allowing it to flow freely from us.


As if to underscore this point, Mercury forms a Great Eliminator with Saturn (with Saturn in the Taurus hour. Have you noticed the Sagittarius planets in the Taurus hour and the Taurus planets in the Sagittarius hour?). We are responsible for what we put out, and we make the decision to be mindful of our thoughts and the way we communicate to reflect the Love we wish to be and see in the world. Today we access our Inner Guru to use our newly acquired mental capacities to align with our hearts and the highest untapped energies available to us.