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Friday, January 15, 2016


The last few days have been a roller coaster of activity, inactivity, feeling energetic verses having no energy at all, feeling strong and fit verses feeling totally achy  all over my body. The trick is to welcome all of it, not just the parts that feel good,  that seem to morph into pressure in the back of the neck, tightness in the chest. I have not been able to focus and make coherent sentences verbally or in writing, so it is with enormous relief that I read that others are experiencing the same thing. Yesterday was a wonderful, go with the flow day of dinner and beautiful orchestral music at Lincoln Center (tickets and dinner easily planned in advance though), being loose and relaxed; today I feel like I’m slogging through a fog, headachy, spaced. My body is telling me to go outside for a walk, and we have a warm day to take advantage of. We need to listen to our bodies and remember that birth (or rebirth) is a process that unfolds in its own time.


It is always significant what planet or body is rising in an event chart. Ceres is rising when Mercury connects with the Sun, and she has connected to Sedna with a stepping stone (square). Ceres is assisting in this new cycle by helping us lift our consciousness for the reboot in our mental body while urging us to nurture our physical bodies, plus she is giving us access to the highest consciousness of Sedna, which witnesses and records it all.  Then Mercury meets up with Jupiter, and the whole process gets expanded. How amazing is that?


On May 15 of last year (8 months ago) the Sun began a New Cycle with Sedna. Over the years we have reached a new state of consciousness that allows us to recognize Sedna and we are slowly growing into the insights, wisdom and consciousness she holds for us. Today marks the waning Manifestation (trine) between the two. We have the capacity here to manifest Sedna’s energies into our own being if we are ready for it and are able to allow it in. Who knows what downloads we are receiving at this time?  It is no coincidence that Mercury and the Sun have just begin a new cycle while Mercury is retrograde; perhaps they are preparing us for these new energies. Perhaps our bodies are responding to these energies as well. Remember to breathe!