Sun Neptune Cosmic Consciousness

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

When feeling our way through each day, it helps to notice everything, as everything has meaning in it. Today’s Sun/Neptune new cycle occurs on a beautiful, springlike, sunny day. It’s a day that uplifts, opens us up and makes us want to be outside. What better metaphor for a new cycle of clarity and spiritual awakening? This new cycle occurs in the (Cosmic Consciousness) Sagittarius 11 o’clock hour of clearing the decks for a new beginning! This is where we see where we are out of integrity, where we see where we are still fearful and address it, where we remember our higher purpose and surrender to it. Nowhere is this more obvious than what is playing out in the public arena (the 10th house 3D position of the Sun/Neptune conjunction)! You can’t make this stuff up!


Varuna, our highest observer’s perch of our highest consciousness, forms a manifestation (trine) with Mars, our physical bodies and the physical plane. Varuna is in our consciousness now, whether we can grasp it or not, and the fact that it is making this aspect with Mars bodes well for our ability to handle and integrate these highest spiritual energies and enables us, to the extent that we are able, to see the widest perspective from an emotional standpoint. Can we ride the emotional energies and still maintain our new perspective? I’m betting we can.