The Impeachment Trial of the Christ

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“The impeachment of Donald Trump begins on January 21. There are ZERO aspects that day, except for a Black Moon Pluto Resource. AND, the Moon will be void from Midnight to Midnight. We haven’t had one of those in a very long time. I am fond of saying that a void Moon doesn’t necessarily mean nothing will come of it, but it does imply the presence … the PROFOUND presence… of the Divine Feminine” – Stephanie Azaria


The definition of the word “impeachment” is “the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.”  On January 21, 2020, the universe is giving humanity and all sentient beings on this planet a phenomenal opportunity for a quantum leap in questioning the seeming reality of everything we think is real here – an opportunity in a wormhole with sideways elevators for ascension, using, among other things, the impeachment trial of the POTUS as a clear and present metaphor for our individual and collective choices for our own ascension.

Gaia herself is ascending her consciousness into her fifth dimensional Self where she and all who choose to share that frequency of Christ consciousness with her will have maximal access to not only much higher levels of consciousness, but also safe, compassionate access to lower levels of consciousness if they choose to also continue to serve as healers helping younger brothers and sisters and other species work toward their ultimate ascensions. The ascension opportunity obviously is maximized for every sentient being sharing Gaia’s ecosystem to do the same because we all are ONE Divine Child of Creation in all our infinite forms. There is only ONE.
Donald Trump is fulfilling his soul’s role perfectly in the global ascension process by embodying the collective ego consciousness of the patriarchy. When we look at the beauty of the Saturn Pluto Jupiter stellium and cast of fifth dimensional archetypes, we can see that the patriarchy is dying. But something much, much more powerful and important is happening during these times in our world.
As A Course in Miracles and other ascension teachings point out, since we made this world as we experience it, we have a deep commitment and attachment to believing this is all real – as surely as a parent is attached to the children that they bring into this world. The difficulty is our attachment to what we make.
Let’s look at the issue of attachment. Attachment can only come from judgement. Every spiritual teacher I know of tells us not to judge.
A Course in Miracles states “You have been urged to refrain from judging, not because it is a right to be withheld from you. You cannot judge. You merely can believe the ego’s judgment, ALL of which are false.”  Lesson 151 (worth reading the full lesson!)
One of the things I appreciate about mindfulness is how my own personal daily practice lets me be painfully aware of how judgmental thoughts pour through me nonstop every moment. Argh! My ego is judging total strangers I barely glance out of the corner of my eyes, let alone people I know and actually engage with on an ongoing basis. And yet, this actually IS a good thing, because in each moment of awareness that we realize we are judging, we are at CHOICE to change our limited ego perspective to the spaciousness of Christ consciousness and the True Oneness of All Beings. Every moment of the nonstop stream of judgments can become a miracle – a choice to be mistaken and have my judgment be replaced by a reflection of Truth, Love and Oneness right here in our world. This is how we heal this world! So, we have to see every bit of the errors of judgment and separation we have made here in order to correct what we have made.
Judgment inevitably promotes attachment because it sets up the ego divisive paradigm of right and wrong, and of course, I am the one who is right and “they” (the other) is the one who is wrong. Divisiveness and duality in a judgmental nutshell. Attachment is also based on the false belief most of us have (including me again) that we are the bodies we are wearing moment to moment – because we also made these bodies. Our bodies bring in a whole new toxic dimension of judgment and divisiveness! Think for a moment about the metaphor of the separation from Source Energy, Creation, Oneness and the TRUTH of Who and What every one of us really IS. The patriarchal origin story I am most familiar with describes a lovely, limitlessly abundant Garden, blames a woman for the separation, and says our Creator judged us and punished us by kicking us out of this ideal state of love, freedom and abundance. This metaphor ends with the fallen man and the guilty woman leaving perfection and “clothing” themselves in shame and guilt. A Course in Miracles says we made the human body to hide from God. The “clothing” we made out of our shame and guilt was the body we currently think is who and what we are – a physical, emotional, mental and “spiritual” body connected to a punitive god that no longer loves us. But it was not a punitive god who encased us in limiting, vulnerable bodies – it is our own limiting beliefs of who and what we are and what we deserve here. When we can’t bear our own shame and guilt for the separation, we project it “out there” onto “others” who now also appear separate since we see them as bodies of shame and guilt also.
Using the metaphor of our physical bodies – how is it that we think the cells that comprise the organ of our heart can awaken and ascend on their own while leaving all the organs and cells of the rest of our body behind because those organs and cells are “unworthy” – “bad organs and cells” doomed by their own choices to be left behind while the trumpeting bands of angels (or extraterrestrials) lift us, the worthy heart organ and cells, up into “heaven?”  The first thing we begin to understand and experience as we awaken in Christ consciousness is that we are ONE with ALL That Is. There is no leaving any of our Self behind. Just as there is no “unworthy” or “despicables”, or “unclean lepers”.
Here is the bottom line and the ascension opportunity the loving universe and Source gives to us in every moment, especially in moments like this January 21, 2020 when there are ZERO aspects except for a Black Moon resource (sextile) with Pluto, the archetypal metaphor for self-purification through unconditional honesty and LOVE (fire), transformation and ascension. During this extraordinary day of ascension our feeling nature, represented by the Moon, is void/STILL.
  • There is ONE Sun/Light of Source/Creator – and it is every ONE of us. Source Energy/Creator/God is individualized as every one of us. Regardless of who plays what roles in awakening and ascension, no one can or will be left out or excluded from ascension, no matter how many eons of earth time it may take to complete the healing of the illusion of separation.
  • Part – a wee, tiny infinitesimal part – of our Divine Minds chose to leave our own awareness of perfection, limitlessness, and our True Identities as Co-Creators. We made something so amazing and entrancing that that wee part of our mind became stuck in and attached to what we made. And here we are – here we find ourselves eons later. There is no judgmental, blaming or punishing god who expelled us. We did it to ourselves. We have, and always will have, complete free will. Eat all the darn apples you want to. Just don’t judge yourself for doing so. We can release the world of our judgments and attachments that we made anytime we choose to. Our True limitless Self has not been affected by this wee part of ourselves that is exploring and experiencing this level of density. In Reality we have always continued on being limitless co-creators of the universe and beyond. We may not in touch with that Reality and experience of our True Selves – but we are and always will be as perfect and limitless as Source created us.
  • When we “clothed” ourselves in bodies we came to think that we were separate from each other. It is an illusion. But it is an illusion we have come to believe in. We have made all kinds of divisive judgments about bodies – color, gender, ethnicities, social casts and classes, and cultural beliefs and more. We judge others by their bodies and worst of all, we judge ourselves by our bodies.
  • What we cannot bear in our selves we project out onto others and judge “them” instead of taking responsibility for our selves. Example – judging a brother who is asleep in the illusion by names like “Cheeto” and smugly joking about the size of his hands and penis. How do these judgments by us against a brother make us any better than him and the things he says about other people that he demeans with his name-calling and insults?
The impeachment of the POTUS starts January 21, 2020. I repeat the definition of impeachment: Impeachment” is “the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.”  Perhaps it is time to call into question the integrity and validity of this entire “physical” world we have made. We are indeed at a critical point in this country and all around the world. I propose this – we are impeaching our own selves – our own projections onto larger than life characters who play the good and bad characters in the ego drama. It’s a good show – the greater issue, the ascension opportunity, is – will we see this dog and pony show for what it is – our own Black Moon Pluto ascension opportunity in the deep silence of the wormhole – or will we stay locked in our divisive ego judgments?
What if we held this drama and all the other personal and projected dramas and characters in unconditional LOVE and ONENESS?  All feminine archetypes of consciousness tell us to come Home into our Hearts unconditionally. On January 21 the Moon – our feeling and emotional nature – stands completely still from midnight to midnight. The ONLY Song of the Universe that day is the 100% CLEAR MESSAGE of the Phoenix sextiling the Black Moon, while, like the senators, we also sit in silence listening to the evidence of innocence or guilt, of crimes committed or mistakes forgiven. We will free or we will condemn ourselves by our personal choice. The choice WE make will LIGHT the whole world of illusions! Judgment is darkness. We are the Light of the World!
  • The Black Moon is the true divine feminine that makes no excuses or compromises – she shows us what is true. And what is true is that this impeachment show has nothing to do with congress or the current POTUS and what he has or has not done. What is TRUE has everything to do with YOU – Who and What YOU ARE in TRUTH. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, THE CRYSTALLINE SALT OF THIS EARTH. When YOU wake up and stand up as the Light of the world, the world lights up with YOU.
  • Pluto offers us several choices: the dank old ego choice to continue to be self-destructive scorpions judging ourselves and projecting what we do not want to deal with within ourselves onto each other as if we were powerless victims and others “out there” were perpetrators.
Or, Pluto invites us to soar like eagles and look down on all this ego drama that we humans have made from a higher observer’s position of non-judgment. The third choice of Pluto is the Phoenix ascension choice.
  • The phoenix Pluto choice, if we have so chosen in our “trial” of our own egos, invites us to examine the physical nest, literally the physical world we have projected and made in our lives from our body of beliefs. We have free will. We can choose to unconditionally LOVE ourselves, to seek to awaken to Who and What we are in Truth. We can take 100% responsibility for what we have made in partnerships with the rest of the Sunship and forgive our ego selves for the world of judgments and attachments that we have made. We have simply been mistaken. We can choose once again. Mistakes dissipate in the Light of Truth and are no more.
  • The sextile relationship between the Black Moon flows together with the energy and honesty of Pluto and opens us to new possibilities and new connections with each other. The brilliance of the Universe that this is the only aspect in the silence of January 21 is mind-blowing – and heart opening!
  • If we choose to forgive ourselves, our projections, and these painful illusions and sufferings that we have made here from our judgments and our attachments, we then can take the power of the phoenix to the next level. We can ascend. The legend of the phoenix goes to a much higher level! The phoenix immolates itSelf in the fire of unconditional LOVE and then makes it Self a new body of Light and flies away to a metaphorical “land of milk and honey.”
“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”
― Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
Note the similarities between the phoenix metaphor and the allegory of Plato’s Cave. The individual seeker in Plato’s allegory of the cave found a way out of the cave, found a whole new world of Light, and then came back and tried to awaken his brothers and sisters who were chained entranced watching a shadow world they were 100% certain was real. Older brothers and sisters throughout the ages have awakened and tried to help awaken the rest of us. Awakening means that we realize that we are all ONE.  At some uncertain point, what IS certain is that every single one of us WILL ultimately awaken.
Both metaphors I am using in this blog about the impeachment trial that starts January 21 refer to people being in the seeming reality that they are bodies – the phoenix’s body, and the bodies of the people in the cave literally chained to a wall believing in the reality of the projected shadows of bodies they saw and thought were real in their world. The people in Plato’s cave did not realize that the shadow world they were watching was nothing more than their own shadows projected by the light behind them that they could not see because they did not question the reality they saw; they did not turn to see what was really there or to understand the projected world they saw. They were certain their experience was reality. It seemed all the more so because it was a shared reality with those who sat, also chained, watching projected shadows, also not seeing the reality of the light by their own choice.
Merriam Webster dictionary gives this definition of impeachment: “To challenge the credibility of or validity of.”  My sisters and brothers – we are impeaching ourselves. Our own impeachment trial begins January 21, 2020. The current POTUS is our collective projection of what we have made of our world. Once again, each one of us has the ascension opportunity to challenge the validity of the shadow figures we cast across the wall as we sit and watch the dramas of our lives pass by. The sideways elevator of this impeachment trail invites us to challenge the validity and credibility of the world we have made and projected outward.
One of two things can happen:
  1. You can maintain the validity of your projections of separation and victims and perpetrators based on the “evidence” of appearances of shadow bodies like the people in Plato’s cave did. You have free will to keep the chains of your ego beliefs on. Gaia is ascending on into Christ consciousness. I am seeing her ascension process as being the Saturn Pluto Jupiter stellium moving into Aquarius.
In unconditional Love and honor of the Truth of Who and What every living being really is, there will be holodeck programs of planet earths where people who are not ready to wake up yet can continue to find themselves chained to their own versions of the programs of suffering and limitation based on judgments and the belief that what we see is reality. No one will be left behind or left alone in the cave of shadows. No one can be left alone or behind because of the truth that we all are One Sun of Source. There will always be limitless beings of Light in many forms providing loving service to those who choose to continue to play in holodeck programs for as long as they choose to. Because every single one of us is a Christ, we have free will. No one will be left alone without comfort and no one will be left behind.
  1. Or, you will gather in silent congress with your guides, teachers, helpers and angels. They will present the evidence of the impeachment of the Christ – YOU – and every ONE of us. You will take the eagle’s observer position of this national impeachment drama throughout the trial as you hear the evidence of your True Identity as a Sun of Light with limitless power to create worlds of your own choosing. You will watch in gratitude as you use this trial of the POTUS to examine the nest of your life and the world you have projected from the body of your ego beliefs. You will be shown the Real evidence of your True Identity and Oneness with All Beings that Is not based on ego bodies made by our egos, but by Source Energy.
When you are ready you will accept the only True Judgement of any Sun of Creator that is Real – that you are as God created you, One with All Life and limitless in power as a Sun of Light. You will then joyously go forth moving through this shadow world seeing everyone and everything through the eyes of Christ consciousness. A Course in Miracles calls this world the Happy Dream.  You are still here for a while – no need to leave or go anywhere else – the land of milk and honey is in your own Aquarian HeartMind now. You see everyone and everything as simply giving you Love – or asking you for Love.
You will celebrate each day the opportunity to forgive illusions and the separation. For as long as you choose to be here in a physical body, your body will be consecrated to loving service and embodiment of the Happy Dream where everyone and everything is a pure reflection of the Love of Source and Oneness of the Sunship. You will not judge yourself or others – you will joyously celebrate each day’s opportunities to see the loving joy and truth in your Self and in everyone else. You will embody LOVE and ONENESS, Heaven on Earth, through your own being here. The people you have judged (because you judged yourself) and the things, situations, events that you have judged become your own path and service of forgiveness and healing.
The Buddha taught us that suffering is part of life here. He did not tell us that suffering is Real – he simply told us that suffering is part of the divisive ego life that we have chosen to make for ourselves here. Freeing ourselves from the shadow world of our judgments and attachments, we can begin to see that the events and people in this world are calling for our Love as our brothers and sisters.
We can take right action without judging or harming others based on the physical appearances of their lives here in bodies. We do not need to be against anyone or anything else. We can use everything we see and hear as opportunities for healing, awakening and Truth.  We can be FOR Truth. There is no place in our ascension into Christ consciousness of Oneness for holding on to even the tiniest bit of divisiveness. When we recognize divisiveness anywhere, let us use the power of our Aquarian HeartMinds to forgive and heal it. Our inner Divine Masculine will guide each of us to take right action in ways that do not judge; that unite us rather than divide us. Right action is focusing ALL of the limitless power of your Creative Aquarian HeartMind on co-creating the world that works for everyone of us and all Beings.


“Now let a new perception come to me. Let us today behold each other in the sight of Christ consciousness. How beautiful we are! How holy and how loving! Brothers and sisters, come and join with me today. We save the world when we have joined. For in our Vision it becomes as holy as the Light in us.”

  • A Course in Miracles

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