The Semisextile: Connection of Intimacy

Shelly LealCosmic Consciousness Articles

September 14, 2016

In addition to today’s Mercury/Venus connection, the Sun shines its Light on Haumea (intimate semisextile), Ixion (stepping stone), Pallas (great eliminator) and Chiron (bridge). We are getting comfortable with seeing and respecting (if not accepting) all parts of the Whole of who we Are, and we know deep inside that this, as well as balancing our masculine/feminine Selves, is what we are here for. We have access to our own feminine wisdom to guide us as we choose again between Love and fear. The gyrations of the mind is fear; Love is peaceful and knowing, it  needs nothing more than to Be. And today we have the opportunity to use the energies of the Master Teacher/Healer within to keep that compassionate Self-focus; the very act of bringing our Selves back to our hearts and coming from there is how we heal our Selves, every single time we do it, with every breath.