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Thursday, April 14, 2016

This week is flying by, and it’s all I can do to slow down. It is an absolute must to meditate, even for a minute by breathing deeply and checking in with our bodies throughout the day. With Mars getting ready to retrograde, and Mercury so active, our bodies are talking to us more than ever, sometimes loudly, and we need to open clear communications with it. The one word that comes up for me is “clearing”, in every sense of the word (I almost said ‘world’, and that is no coincidence). I am even taking a course called Clear Your Home, Clear Your Life, from Daily Om. It has to do with creating space: in your mind, in your heart, in your activities, your closet…you name it. In order to clear we must let go, and that is hard for me. The only way to do it is to take each issue, belief, or possession, one at a time, and sit with it, asking if it serves you in any way. Sometimes we know it doesn’t, but we aren’t ready to let it go; it could be fear of change, or reluctance to give up the past and therefore our “identity” as we know it…which I guess is fear of change. It could be fear of the emptiness, or empty space, that remains when we clear. I know for me it is an inability to soften and relax, a fear of letting go itself, of free-fall. Of losing my Self.  But how can you lose your Self? That is the ego talking: “What if…” “What will happen… “ “But…”. That’s why it is so important to love your mind, respect it and cherish its gifts—and then ask it to be quiet occasionally so you can have mental breathing room. We love ourselves by making the ego an ally instead of trying to eliminate it. When the mind settles down we can breathe into our bodies and listen there for any messages, remembering to love our bodies without judgment. We can thank our bodies for their messages of pain, aches, physical symptoms; we can bless our bodies for carrying us through this world and making it available to us through movement and sensory input.


At the same time that our mental capacities are expanded, integrated and grounded into our being today, courtesy of the Mercury/Jupiter manifestation, Ceres births us into Aries, the Divine Spark, and makes a bridge with Makemake; we know that all is in Divine Order. We are bringing something new into being, whether it is space to be our Selves, a new version or vision of our Selves, or a new understanding of how to heal and whole our Selves and each other. Vesta is making a Great Eliminator (inconjunct) aspect with Saturn too, giving us an opportunity to burn away, with devotion and focused intent, anything that might block us from the guidance of our Inner Teacher. Attending to, and clearing away, the clutter of our environments, both inner and outer, will give us the space to manifest our Truth.