Venus in Aquarius Cosmic Consciousness

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

On Tuesday Venus entered Aquarius, the sign of learning to love our Selves unconditionally. I am always struck by how a chart looks when an event happens. Scorpio, a deep, transformational sign, and in Cosmic Consciousness, the sign of Highest Vision, was rising. Venus is in the (3D) 3rd house of communication, neighbors, siblings, which is also the (5D) Cancer hour of Emotional Power and Inner Harmony. Our highest vision for our Selves is to communicate in a loving way to those around us, and to move into our heart center and think with our hearts, being loving, compassionate and nurturing towards our Selves, allowing e-motion to move through us and clear our Selves of all judgements. By doing the latter, we can achieve the former.


Today we have help in the form of MakeMake and Black Moon Lilith at almost 3 degrees Libra, the sign of balance and the Highest Realization that everyone is a reflection of us. Venus is making a manifestation (trine) aspect to these two bodies. Black Moon Lilith is our access point to the Divine Feminine, and MakeMake represents divine order and the Divine Laws of nature and the cosmos. By remaining diligent about coming from the heart, being loving with our Selves and compassionate with others, we align ourselves with our highest Divine Cosmic Heart. Divine Laws of nature, attraction and so on always exist; we bring ourselves to them and align with them when we allow ourselves to come from our hearts.