Virgo/Pisces Cosmic Consciousness

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Friday February 26, 2016

As I thought about Stephanie’s insights about the Virgo/Pisces polarity being the zoom lens that we use to discern and hone in deeply (Virgo) and then zoom out to the bigger picture of unlimitedness (Pisces), it occurred to me that we are using this lens to go back and forth in a massive clearing on different levels. There are so many downloads taking place, and in order to receive them, one must clear out what no longer serves; otherwise there is no room to receive. Perhaps others are feeling this too; I am clearing on physical, emotional and relationship levels, with more to come! The recalibrations we are all experiencing can be difficult, but they occur more easily when we have less baggage to drag around.


Today’s chart features a Mercury in Aquarius resource (sextile) with Uranus in Aries. Due to the timing, Mercury is in the (3D) 6th house of service and day to day activities, while Uranus is in the 8th house of things that involve other people, investments, divorce, sex, etc. It is also the house of death and rebirth. One could say that conversations with others through regular activities can lead to surprising insights about one’s deepest feelings about connections with others, causing a rebirth within oneself. In Cosmic Consciousness, the hours (mansions, or areas of consciousness) that Mercury and Uranus are found are opposite the signs they are in: Mercury is in the 3 o’clock Aries hour in Aquarius, and Uranus is in the 1 o’clock Aquarius hour in the sign of Aries. At the higher levels you can see the connection between them. We can use the Divine Masculine Communicator in the sign of loving your Self unconditionally to use mental discipline to choose Love instead of fear, no matter what comes up; and we have the Awakener as an intuitive resource to remind us that by choosing Love we ARE loving our Selves unconditionally. The loving thoughts we think about ourselves and others will serve to bring awakening to others. How we respond, to downloads, pains, uncomfortable truths, is based on our perspective, which we can change in an instant with a thought. Telling ourselves that we are clearing to let in more sorely needed Light makes it easier to handle whatever comes.


As if this weren’t enough, Venus begins a new cycle with (conjuncts) Pallas Athena (in this chart, in the 4 o’clock Taurus hour of trusting your inner guidance), reminding us that we attain wisdom by following our inner guidance, which comes from the Heart as our own personal embodiment of Source. By trusting it, we ground ourselves, enabling us to access the higher mental energies that are available. What amazing times!!