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Mars moves into Scorpio today, accompanied by the Moon, and forms a perfect stepping stone with Mercury. All of this is very layered, and depending on our choice of perspective, we can access some of that magic we became conscious of yesterday, or we can get hit with yet another Mercury storm, which in this case will be all about how we are taking or allowing action. If we have many questions, we are in the storm, and the themes brought up today will last until Mercury goes direct and forms a second stepping stone (square) with Mercury toward the beginning of February. The magic will last just as long, so today is a great day to get centered in your heart and resolve to come from there, trusting in the overall plan of the higher Self, aka the Cosmos.


1 3 16 Mars enters Scorpio



Mars is SO happy in Scorpio, (he used to live here), and even though he is moving through the via combusta and things are a lot more intense around our physicality and the way we use our energy, this Mars transit is much more comfortable than the last month of Mars moving through Libra. Libra is the sign Mars feels most foreign in, and Scorpio is the sign the Moon feels most foreign in. So even though we feel physically more comfortable today, and noticeably so, we will spend the next couple of days feeling emotionally slightly displaced… especially today.

That’s because the Moon also squares Mercury today. Words, feelings and deeds must be in alignment now, for best results. Mercury is stationing in the sign of his exaltation, which means he is happy there, but he won’t be there for long, so we will want to make the most of the higher mental perspective that is available to us now, stepping stones and all.

This is one of the multidimensional days when all four lower bodies are highly activated and dancing with each other. There is a major upgrade going on. We are under a Hidden 1:1 Star Gate every single day this month. I got my first download headache at 5 minutes after midnight on January 1, and while it’s much better than it was for most of that day, it remains low grade and present.

What about you? I am also witnessing plenty of nausea and stomach upset with these new downloads. The stomach represents our capacity to digest… and these new downloads are clearly chock full of new energies that we are just learning to process as we go. They are completely new to us, that is what the number ‘1’ means.

It is to our benefit to make it a point to be still and open and ready to receive what comes, discomfort and all. After Mars moves past this stepping stone with the new mental upgrade, this process will get much easier, and we will move on the Venus Saturn event that us next on tap.

There doesn’t appear to be much let up during this month or two ahead. This diligence and high powered energetic seems to be the fabric of the new world, and stillness and trust are prerequisites for getting through this passage with the new consciousness in tact.


“As human beings, not only do we seek resolution, but we also feel that we deserve resolution. However, not only do we not deserve resolution, we suffer from resolution. We don’t deserve resolution; we deserve something better than that. We deserve our birthright, which is the middle way, an open state of mind that can relax with paradox and ambiguity.”  

 – Pema Chödrön