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There's a very interesting phenomenon going on just about everywhere, or more appropriately, within each and every one of us. the Eris archetype is activating in huge ways, more noticeably than ever before. Maybe that's because Eris is stationing, and producing her own storm period, preparing to go direct in 6 more days, and begin her final journey toward the long destined meeting with Uranus that is scheduled to begin in June.



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It may seem more significant to discuss the Jupiter station, which is in full force today, (Jupiter turns retrograde tomorrow), and I will devote tomorrow's blog to that event. But the level of discontentment (sans the drama), and the sudden unmistakable need to 'move on' is reverberating everywhere, and that is the function of the Female Awakener, Eris, as she prepared to make the most relevant journey of our lifetime, and maybe of hers as well.


There are many aspects developing that focus on Eris right now, notably a major stepping stone (square) with both the Sun and the retrograde Mercury next week, a Great Eliminator with the stationing Jupiter, and as mentioned already, her own station next week. Eris is generating a very different experience than Uranus's storm last week. This storm is inner, it is a kind of profound discontentment and lack of ease that serves to awaken us from the inside out, like an earthquake that reveals what it has been hiding within it for ages.


Age old discontentment, which we are most familiar with, and which has been disturbing our inner peace for as long as we can remember has the extra added effect of showing us what has been beyond or behind that inner commotion all along. It gives new meaning to the truth that there is a blessing in every circumstance. We are beginning to get the hang of allowing our discomforts to just Be what they are, and we are learning that by doing so, we get to see the real reasons why they arise.


Inner awakening at its finest. It's why we're here right now, and when this inner awakening meets up with our more general awakening produced by Uranus, that higher Mind awakening, as contrasted by this inner heart awakening, we will begin our ascension process in earnest.


Uranians storms produce lightning bolts of electricity, and many have reported electrical events in many different aspects of our lives, from the physical to the atmospheric. Eris' storm produces little earthquakes or volcanoes that are meant to take place within us. Of course, we already know that when we do not take on full response ability for what is happening within us, we tend to find those profoundly uncomfortable events happening out there in the world.


No doubt we will see some of each. Just know that the more fully you embrace these events within you, the more of a major awakening you will get to experience.


The Sagittarius Moon today is resonating with the stationing Jupiter today, which should feel particularly expansive, and there's nothing wrong with that. Jupiter is in a Great Eliminator connection with Eris, which means that for the moment we don't get one station without the other. These two go together right now, and they represent a major fork in the road that asks us to choose Love or Fear.


It's important to note that there can be no such thing as separation, the roads do not separate, only the mind does. We don't
CHOOSE fear we habitually revert to it, and each time we do, it is up to us to choose SELF Love instead. This is a great week for practice.


“If you are falling....dive.

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” 

Joseph Campbell