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Jupiter stations to go retrograde late tonight, which means that all day long we are on the Jupiter train, waiting to pull out of the station that is headed directly for our inner connection with Source. This particular Jupiter station is a big one, as it is in aspect with so many of the current events that are taking place in this now moment. For example, the New Moon on Friday forms an important manifestation with Jupiter, Eris’ station is in a Great Eliminator with Jupiter, the outermost planet in our Soular System, Sedna, is in a perfect manifestation with Jupiter, and there is so much more!

1 7 16 Sun Uranus Stepping Stone

1 7 16 Jupiter STATIONS Retrograde









There is an amazing GRAND MANIFESTATION (Grand trine) this week comprised of the New Moon in Capricorn, the Jupiter station and Sedna. Any new Moon, as we know, marks a new cycle, Sedna is the all encompassing record keeper, the kind we need an enlightened consciousness (or an enlightened Teacher) to access, and this Jupiter retrograde cycle brings just about all the lower body rulers into alignment with all the new consciousness that is coming into alignment now.


Jupiter forms a FINGER OF GOD with Eris, and Ixion, (soul’s purpose for this lifetime) in Sagittarius. This Finger of God offers each and every one of us the option to choose the higher road, the one we know full well is there, but still don’t grasp fully what it represents. This one calls for a leap of faith, as is the case so often on the Path to Source. We all know we’re here, at this crossroad, it is time to let the heart move us in the appropriate direction.


Don’t look around for guidance. You are the leader, the way shower. If you allow your Self this new leg of the journey, many will follow. Your Light is leading the way. Don’t forget that… it is vital at this time of incredible shadow and storm on the planet. You be your own guide, because deep down inside your heart you know your Know the Way.


Mercury will be connecting with Jupiter a couple more times in the weeks ahead, which will add much dimension and consciousness to our upgraded communications equipment, and most significantly of all, Jupiter heads back toward Saturn now, for their continues square dance, which will be in effect all year.


Jupiter will be retrograde until May 9th, when she goes direct at 13 Virgo, amazingly in another GRAND MANIFESTATION with a new Moon conjunct Mercury retrograde in Taurus, and Pluto. There is a lot going on here in this Jupiter retrograde, and for each of us, it reflects our journey to the realm of higher consciousness that we are so specifically here for.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Jupiter Station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Virgo 24:  A silver trident.


” Standing for something. Publicly, openly, freely showing conviction, vision, attunement to the whole. Making a big issue out of seeing and knowing what we all need to get in touch with. Making sure nobody can get away with ignoring or avoiding the truth at hand.

                Being granted a distinctive point of view which is fundamentally innocent, naïve, hopeful, visionary, and empowering. Bearing the ideal of what is intended, what is possible, what is emergent. Given the assignment to show that we can understand and champion the best, the finest, the truest in our nature and our capacity.

                Propelled to insist, to stand strong, to hang in there. Fundamentally uncompromising and unimpressed. Just knowing that certain things must get across and it really doesn’t’ matter if it hurts or who likes it or whether the self is seen as marvelous or terrible.

                Great dispassion in perspective. Standing back alone. Yet played through by the invisible to the greatest possible extent. Inspired. Guided. Given explicit instructions by those who know and care.

                Entrusted with crucial matters. Chosen to carry things through. Perhaps even knowing with expanded faculties the source, the ultimate level. Definitely  shown what needs to be seen when it is time.

                Possessed of a lofty spirit. Character that is impregnable. A remarkable way to be in dark times. Just not adaptive to fashion, to what is popular, to what is deemed practical.”

                Principles. Guidelines. The vertical. Able to stay aligned with the greater cosmic truth and to speak for this. Yet much of it is silent , evocative, more of a vigil than a battle cry. It is simply being there to spread the views that spirit will prevail inevitably.


“When we know love matters more than anything, and we know that nothing else REALLY matters, we move into the state of surrender. Surrender does not diminish our power, it enhances it.” 

– Sara Paddison


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