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There is an interesting day on tap. It’s a 9:9 Star Gate, a 1:1 Star Gate AND a hidden 9;9 Star Gate, and all that means LOTS of downloads, and not just any downloads, the kind of downloads that are utterly and completely related to the ending and beginning portal we are currently passing through. In some ways, I would say that this day is THE day for receiving the ultimate keys and codes for accessing the still point. We are currently pretty much exactly at the center of the in breath and the out breath, and it is a time to go in and access the peace and harmony that is best accessed right here, in the center of everything.


1 8 15 Mercury (R) Reenters Capricorn

1 8 16 Venus Saturn New Cycle







Pay attention to what emerges. There is SO much going on on the inner plane, not to mention everywhere else. We are in the middle of another colossal weekend. Jupiter has stationed direct, but he won’t start moving till Monday, and VERY FORTUNATELY, we are in a Jupiter storm as a result. Jupiter is moving inexorably closer to the Moon’s North Node, aka the collective Soul Star chakra, which adds yet another dimension of positivity and good fortune to the storm.


You might ask how does a storm means something good? Well there are brainstorms, windfalls, and all kinds of unprecedented gifts that rain down from heaven all the time. If we are open to them, they are there for us, and in droves at this time.


Mercury moves back into Capricorn today, and he too is still in his storm, which is producing snafus for some, at the level of communication and connection, slowing down for others (which is almost always a blessing, though it may not be obvious yet), and major conscious breakthroughs for others. You know who you are. Just know you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be, because everything that happens is for your greatest evolution.


Mercury shifts from Uranian disposition to Saturnian, when he retrogrades into Capricorn this afternoon (EST), and though both planets are very much related to Aquarius, in the most classical sense, there is definitely the need to take on the Capricornian sense of inner authority and response ability, the qualities associated with the executive director.


Mercury will spend the rest of his retrograde here, connecting with just about every planet while he travels clockwise in the cosmos, (toward Source), and so taking responsibility for what we realize about our Selves is imperative and very helpful now.


At 11:11pm EST tonight, Venus comes together with Saturn to start a new cycle of Self-worthiness. VERY interestingly, this new start occurs at EXACTLY 12 Sagittarius 00, which for all intents and purposes is 13 Sagittarius by degree. The beginning and the end (of the degree) with no time or space in between. It’s amazing to me how these new realities are showing up now, though they have been there all along .


Venus Saturn has a new energetic behind it for many. This connection used to bring up all sorts of personal shortcomings for us to deal with. Now we are ready to stand empowered in our own authority, and it is truly a new world.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Saturn new cycle, reprinted with his permission, from his book Star Sparks.

  Sagittarius 13:   An embalmer at work on a mummy.

Old thought forms, ancient wisdom, and fresh experiences all show the same picture from different sides. The old thought forms say that we are living in a small island of life, surrounded on every side by death. And therefore whatever we do, wherever we go, we cannot get away from our mortality and our fatalities.

                Ancient wisdom reveals that from the inside, this picture is almost reversed. Death is no stranger, no invader, no despoiler. Death is the intimate companion of our lives. And if we can give in to deaths guidance, we will be guided to integrate life and death within something that moves beyond these opposites into where they go when life and death renew and fertilize each other.

                Fresh experiences offer us new pathways to explore. These are in sense variations on the theme of working through death and feeling life inside death’s jaws. But each of these has it’s density and it’s power, to reveal so much more than we ever knew before about how we react and respond when the shadow of the underworld comes to visit and come to stay.

                This degree weaves its path through some very dark old territory, and into a light that cannot arise any easier way. It is a confounding track to stay clear within. The curves, the surprises, the reversals and returns are wild to take up.

                We are being asked to let go of every fixed idea and to free our past ghosts of every kind. We are being ushered into an astounding miracle we never will believe until we’re right there, in that super-clarity that comes at death’s door.

                When it’s over, it’s ready to begin. When everything falls apart, the deeper pattern can come together. As we lose what we thought we had, we gain access to the missing place.


“We understand the toll it takes to clear these heavy pockets of density and the excruciating pain involved in feeling disconnected from your true source of LOVE, but know that you are never without this connection, no matter how dark the day or how long the night. Home is but a thought away.”

-Seven Sisters of Pleiades through Lauren Gorgo.

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