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It is so heartening to hear from so many of you,  all feeling pretty much the same way. Think on this for a moment: Isn't it amazing that we are all basically lying on a spiritual operating table with our brains removed, hooked up to life support, being prepped for a replacement mind, all feeling the change very radically, yet so able to communicate this Truth to each other. Amazing isn't it?

I heard from so many of you, and I chose to reprint one person's description of what she's going through, because I feel it so succinctly expresses what we are all going through. This is from Dawn:

"I feel so outside of myself. I'm fine one minute and having a great  productive day then my heart is heavy and I'm so outside of my zen happy cheerful and productive self. My heart feels so foreign in this heavy  day which is outside my typical day to day. My head hurts from the emotion of it all. I have needed more sleep than usual as well. I feel the need for a healthy work life balance and the need to expand my personal horizons to strive for the dreams I have kept buried inside. Took steps to produce them this week which was one of my 2016 goals, but also simultaneously facing the reality that we might have to cut some things loose from our lives and that has me a bit unsettled and scared a bit.  With all that I guess the best word to sum it all up is feeling a bit overwhelmed."

Thank you Dawn... There is so much here to address:


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Many of you said very similar things, I know. It's just that Dawn included so many comments that we could all benefit from fully receiving. I especially Love her statement: 'My head hurts from the emotion of it all'. What an extraordinary thing to say. Look closely at that sentence. Without the old thoughts to fill our minds, it is our emotions that we are feeling so much more fully, and we are learning to LOVE with the mind, which can no longer deliver us to fear in the same way it used to.


Needing more sleep is pretty much universal right now, and needing balance is truly what we are really here for now. This balancing process is going to continue for a while. Mercury, ruling the masculine higher Mind part of our Being, Venus, ruling the emotional heart-centered part, and Mars, ruling the physical experience that is learning to switch from the warrior identity to the much more peaceful heart-felt mode of Right Action... all three of these lower body rulers are realigning and finding their perfect balance with the Sun and Moon, of course.


The Sun and the Moon are the quintessential archetypes for the masculine (spirit) and feminine (intuition). They oversee the balancing act that is starting up amongst the other three lower body rulers. Today, for example, Mercury and Venus form a subtle growth, or intimacy connections (formerly known as a semisextile). These archetypes are getting to know each other from a completely new perspective, and one that is not even fully activated yet.


If we can keep our focus on our Selves... Remain in the observer's perch and focus on your Self within your movie, you will be able to realize so much so fast about what is happening to us all. "Took steps to produce [my dreams] this week which was one of my 2016 goals, but also simultaneously facing the reality that we might have to cut some things loose from our lives and that has me a bit unsettled and scared a bit."


That unsettled fear can not exist when you focus on the fact that you are undergoing the greatest transmutation of this lifetime or any other.  Pay homage to the greater story that is playing out, and do your best to ALLOW what is happening to be just as it is, because it's perfect, and happening ONLY for your highest Good. Only your higher Self knows about that.. We have all already learned that the lower Self doesn't understand a thing about the Truth.


Let go, LET GOD run the show today.


"Transformation literally means going beyond your form."

- Wayne Dyer