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Scientists announced that on Thursday they recorded particles traveling faster than the speed of Light. Do you realize what that means? The world as we know it is no more. Einstein’s Theory and all of physics is changed. It’s a new world, and it’s showing up everywhere.

The new planet, temporarily dubbed Dark ‘9’, has not been sighted yet. In all my years studying the cosmos, I have never seen all the news networks report the story of a discovery that hasn’t actually happened yet. DARK ‘9’. It’s here, but it’s still in the dark. We know it, we are sure, it’s here. We just haven’t seen it yet. Is this a new world or what?

I’ve been asked by those in the Southern Hemisphere where to look for the planetary lineup… You can’t see it right now, but the lineup will reprieve itself August 13-19, and Southern Planet dwellers will be able to see the same lineup in the dusk sky. Time? What’s time? We are One, every which way you observe it.

Today marks the Mercury Pluto conjunction, the second of three, and certainly all the evidence of the new world is reflected in this retrograde connection. Wow.


1 22 16 Mercury Pluto Conjunction #2


If the world has revealed evidence of so much change already, can you imagine what the week ahead will bring?  Jupiter comes together with the Soul Star Chakra, the Moon’s North Node tomorrow, and these two very benefic points will be escorting each other all month long, and well into next month.


The Leo Full Moon is also set for tomorrow night, bringing to a major crescendo all the new life affirming Truths of our new reality. Also early next week Mercury turns direct and Mars comes together with Juno, starting a new cycle that points to unity consciousness at the most physical level.


And then, on the 30th of January, Mercury comes together with Pluto for the third time and the ultimate manifestation of the new world comes to be over the course of that last weekend of the month. The very last planetary connection of January 2016 is the third of three Mercury Uranus stepping stones. There is no telling just how shiny and new our world is about to become.


Everyone is reporting new thought processes and a major clearing and/or lifting of ancient fear based belief systems. The latter have not been easy or comfortable, and fortunately Eris, the Great Disruptor/Awakener has begun an earnest forward motion. It seems the female awakener will leave us with yet another storm before she gets underway.


There is so much going on in the cosmos, and that is, OF COURSE, reflecting what is going on within us, and here on Earth. I am certain we have not see anything yet. Do stay tuned for the new consciousness as it reveals itself everywhere.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s second Mercury Pluto conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:


Capricorn 16:   Dinosaur bones discovered while digging.

An immense task. Far too much to do for one lifetime. Tracked with from previous lives and imbued with future lives. This life is just one episode in a long story.

                The need to know absolutely everything. A fabulous hunger for meaning, for getting down to it. An omnivorous appetite for clues and cues, for signs and portents, for openings and improbable avenues of inquiry. The mysteries taken up by one who is always in them.

                An astoundingly thematic and thick path to stick with. Nothing is irrelevant. All is synchronized and saturated with so much to deal with that the inner doubter must work overtime to keep all this within bounds. The skeptical outlook becomes the only defense against being taken over by too many directions with too much power in them for anybody to integrate.

                That distancing voice taken on as completely as possible. The dry observer, the impartial witness. This does serve to level an edge to the providings. The one who searches and finds, needing to prove to that detached witness that we are getting somewhere, it is worth it after all.

                Gifts of consciousness. Nothing else in here. No emotions, no true embodiment. But a startling mode of awareness. So lucid and probing, so skillful and able to pursue the cues from so many sides at once.

                Everything in life is sacrificial to the work, to the quest, to the interior dimensions. Starkly one-sided and perhaps intolerable in a certain way. The specialist who is still at it after so many lifetimes.

                Ultimately, a sacrifice unto purpose and broader results. Here to further the shared process of uncovering that which we need to see and come to terms with. Given over to such a design implicitly. Not very sympathetic to obstacles and to self. Just getting into it and knowing we can find the missing link.”


“Everything you think is true”
— Prince


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