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Okay, I was way off.. My town, in Northern New Jersey, got hit very hard by the blizzard named Jonas. There are other areas in the country, further South, that got hit harder, but we have two feet of snow and still counting...I live in New Jersey. Down the shore in this state there is a high tide coming and flooding has already begun. There is a full Moon in 2 hours, and it seems this storm isn't done with us yet.

I've been power is warm in my home. But as I reported earlier this week, I am in the midst of a major "red tape" storm of my own. It has not subsided, even a little bit. No matter how diligent I am, and I AM, believe me, I can't seem to make PayPal understand that they already have what they are insisting they need from me, and now they have shut down my account, cutting me off from my income and even from the money in my account.

I feel the storm(s) are happening for the purpose of clearing out the muck at the bottom of the barrel. It sure is sticky. Somehow I am not at all perturbed. The more grateful I realize I am, the more 'stuff' gets piled on. This is counterintuitive to what we know about gratitude and holding a peaceful inner space. So it causes me to contemplate deeply and know that there is a reason that is a blind a spot as this wild snow storm can create.


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Enough about me... Let's talk about us. We are in the midst of what could be viewed as the most significant and profound clearing out process we have ever known. It is affecting each and every one of us in one way or another. My best intuition is to be diligent where clearing is required. And be prepared to deal with a dying 3D world.


I feel we are being asked to hold the space of Love in these situations. If we do, even though it isn't obvious immediately, we are doing our part to help transform the way this world runs. The 3D world will come at us with the same old 'standard' responses, like 'our hands are tied, ma'am, there's nothing we can do', or worse, treat us as though we are lying or stupid, ignoring our basic human rights in the process.


This is the way of the old world, and it has to come up.... ALL THE WAY UP, for clearing and transmutation. To facilitate this, we must interact with the 3D world, in 3D, to expose it to the Light (that is us) and help that transmutation process along. As I said, it may not be at all obvious in the moment, but the shift is taking place everywhere on the planet and we are all being asked to participate.


The more diligent and in integrity you are, the more gets cleared...The Full Moon lights it all up, and that helps...


Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for the current Jupiter North Node conjunction that was exact yesterday, and remains in effect for months to come. This conjunction opens the door to the future. We are all walking through together, whether we realize it or not. I reprint this passage with Ellias Lonsdale's permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Virgo 23:  Giant cacti blooming in the desert.

 "Containing in reserve everything we could ever want or need. Bearing the treasures which we have built up over timeless time. Being entirely enclosed within these reservoirs of power. Having no option but to live them out afresh.

                Feeling saturated with inward experiences of the most ancient and intensive kind. Knowing things we have no way of knowing. Remembering origin. Living under the  of all that we have accomplished and moved through and become adept within, down to the minutest detail.             

                The exceedingly unlikely, mostly hidden, and yet sharply self-aware frequency of abiding inside the deep center of life in a fashion which seems mysterious, but really is as starkly self-evident as could ever be. It’s just a matter of being able to perceive that which boggles the mind and requires a far-roaming imagination to get far enough inside of it to reckon with the wild tale of this one.

                Posing outwardly as whatever will be taken to be exemplary, upright, morally correct. Sensing inwardly the deep currents of the earth and what they require. Being called upon in a major way to stand in for the earth and to dis-identify with outward roles as bearing any real significance.

                Tending toward the most boundless extremes on the inside. Having lots of room for tending a destiny greatly removed from the mainstream. Attentive to old stories, alive to karmic resonance’s.

                Hard to access, to read, to get close to. Self-protective and full of effective ways to defend and guard and remain aloof. Heavily invested in making solitude free and independent of outer inquiry and surveillance.

                The inner life which enters upon the most fertile and lush interior territory. The outer life which is both austere and intentionally misleading. The ancient timeless one bringing an intent to keep one’s own counsel and go where this earth requires unfailingly."


"Surrender is faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything even when you cannot foresee the outcome."

- Deepak Chopra

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