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The new operating system is crystal clear already, isn’t it? Even if you’re still stuck in the muck, it’s apparent that it is no longer about the muck, ore about being stuck in it. The response to the densities of 3D is just so completely transformed that it is heartening and exciting. The old forms of ‘stuckness’ immediately yield new options, and those options are limitless. For every issue that comes up, there are a million ways to receive it, respond to it and evolve through it. There doesn’t seem to be anything that is really worth choosing fear or negativity any more.


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That’s not to say the tougher things aren’t happening, they are. In some cases they are more intense than ever. One of my brilliant students, Sylviane Gianina, (who is a major teacher in her own right), said something brilliant to me yesterday, that I believe one of her students said to her. She said it feels as though we awakened light workers are like viruses in the old system, and the old system is doing its best to annihilate the virus. But it can’t, and the more it tries, the brighter and more virulent we become.


The “virus” is the part of the old system that will mutate into the dominant force. We know it, and all we really have to do is keep BEING what we know we are. The transmutations, recalibrations and upgrades, and especially the latest swapping out of the mental operating system, have provided us with all we need to realize we are newly evolved into something else and we are here to stay.


Homo luminous is the “virus” that the old system will not be able to eradicate. It will, in fact, eradicate itself trying. The old system is going to burn itself out. This gives new meaning to ‘watching the movie”. Everything has become so amazingly multidimensional now. What we used to perceive as a vertical axis of consciousness is now perceivable as moving in every direction simultaneously. Vertical, and every direction really, is a 3D concept… it is not the true nature of reality.


We are living in a realm of consciousness and energy now. Time does not exist. It has been replaced by the experience of space. What a 3D soul would perceive as a 5 year plan, for example, is now a space to expand one’s Self into. It may take 5 years, but not one minute of that will be experienced as time… the expansion process is an evolutionary one, and it is heart-centered. Time disappears completely when the heart is doing the manifesting.


We no longer have too much of an urge to understand why or how things are happening. We no longer feel overwhelmingly compelled to determine where we’re headed before we get there. Science is coming up with one example after another of things that exist sight unseen. We live in that state now, we don’t need to rely on a mind that doesn’t see anything to determine a direction that doesn’t even exist.


We are new, and so the world is new. And this is truly just the beginning.


“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh