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Are you ready for the new operating system to be revealed? We have reached the final Mercury Pluto conjunction, the third of three, which means that everything Mercury Pluto has done for us these past six weeks is about to manifest into the physical world. And that means the new mental operating system is about to make itself undeniably clear. We've been through a lot and worked hard to clear the muck to get to this moment, and no matter how it shows up for us, it's bound to be an amazing day.

1 30 16 Mercury Pluto New Cycle (3 of 3)

1 30 16 Venus Neptune Resource







Mercury's recent retrograde was intrinsically tied into Pluto's rebirthing powers, and these days you can't consider Pluto without also realizing his new role as gatekeeper to the new realm of consciousness. The retrograde has delivered us to an entirely new operating system that runs the mental body. It's like a new IOS for the mind. Amazing.


We have sensed it and in some cases had birds eye views and up close and personal experiences of the new operating system. It is far more devoid of fear based reaction that ever, freeing us up to choose Love and the high road much more readily and frequently. This final Mercury Pluto conjunction will soon be followed by a Venus Pluto conjunction (on February 5), and this event will bring the heart fully into alignment with the new mental IOS. That conjunction will take place exactly where today's conjunction between Mercury and Pluto happens. This new beginning is also that new beginning, and in this way, mind and heart begin their new relationship as balanced male/female forces in the new world.


Venus has a big role to play today too, as she comes together in a resource with Neptune. Venus and Neptune, whenever they come together, in any way, represent the essence and the presence of higher Love. This resource (sextile) makes higher Love so much more fully accessible than usual, and with the new operating system activating big time today, this access to the higher Love vibration is here to stay.


Between Pluto and Orcus, we have access to the world between the worlds... yes, that same world we access on All Soul's day here in America, when the veil between the worlds all but disappears. We have access to that place in our consciousness all the time now, and today's two aspects, Mercury Pluto and Venus Neptune provide front row seats in the observer's perch for us to witness this place that connects our conscious realm with our superconscious. That's because Neptune is and has been in a major bridge (opposition) to Orcus all year, and a bridge, as we all know gives total access to something that is not otherwise accessible.


It isn't exactly true that Orcus is not accessible, EVERYTHING is accessible through conscious focus, but Venus Neptune is the focus today, and by virtue of that bridge between Neptune and Orcus, we have major access to the realm that Pluto and Orcus define. I can't think of a more important combination of planetary energies to provide us with access to the new realm.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Mercury Pluto event, (and also for the Venus Pluto event in a week). This passage is reprinted with the author's permission  from his book Star Sparks:


 Capricorn 17:  A gold ring baked into a cake.

"What are we looking for?  What are we after? What we insist upon, we push away from us. If we put our egoic ambitions into any given direction, that will be the one we cannot fulfill. Yet it is no tragedy. Something else is at work here.

                Somebody from before, from another world has placed where we might least expect it, the clue, the cure, the sing that there is something more we have forgotten, and that this is what counts, what endures, what means anything. If we follow that sing faithfully and closely, we will come upon that aspect of ourselves and of our total experience which just never seemed to be there before and which makes the difference.

                However, we develop habits of mind, imprinted patterns of belief and assumptions. These are hard to shake sometimes. If we cling to the doubts, the fears, the familiar categories we once surrounded ourselves with , we may invoke further cycles of loosing ourselves in outward directions and needing once again a sing in the most unlikely place.

                In the spiral vortex action of wanting to get there and not wanting to get there, clinging to old forms and shedding them with great relief, we evolved steadily, slowly, beyond what we can outwardly see, into the one we have forgotten and lost and despaired of. Life is a strange dynamic. What you demand, what you assume, what you fixate upon at any level cannot be yours. But what you make room for despite yourself turns out to be the open path to miracles and great breakthrough.

                It comes down to a very simple thing. We made sure ahead of time that the outer false self could not prevail. Then we forgot the agreement, spun out as far as can be, and still what we set up before, held fast and drew us through."


"We can see this most clearly if we look at the heavenly constellations, whose originally chaotic forms are organized through the projection of images. This explains the influence of the stars as asserted by astrologers. These influences are nothing but unconscious, introspective perceptions of the collective unconscious. "

Carl G. Jung (One of my main heroes)