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We are moving into a few days of Mercury, Venus and Mars interacting with Uranus and Pluto, along with the Aquarius New Moon, and that seems to me to be a great chance to find some important new mind/heart balance, and it just might also bring up the new gender fluid issues that have become such a significant part of our lives at this time. There are three important planetary events today, two involving Pluto and the third is a Mars Uranus Great Eliminator (inconjunct). The Mercury interactions with Pluto and Uranus a few days ago become Venus' same journey today and tomorrow.


2 5 16 Venus Pluto New Cycle


All this Uranus Pluto energy is producing big events, many of them sudden and unexpected. It's important to stay centered and calm, especially while Venus participates in these connections with the outer planets. The heart has a chance to take the lead today... All that is required is Self Love, kindness and a gentle touch toward one's Self. It is the Self that must be the object of your own Love.


Today Venus comes together with Pluto, at exactly the same degree where Mercury came together with Pluto on the 30th. For a more in depth understanding of the degree of this conjunction today, please check out January 30 and read Ellias Lonsdale's meditation. The fact that the new mental operating system and the heart both get this opportunity to be rebirthed by the Gatekeeper to the New Consciousness is such a blessing.


Pluto can be tough on us, we can tend to feel victimized or abused, or in a power play with someone who tends to baffle us or make us feel small It is vital to realize now that each of us is the abused, the abuser and the savior, and that all of those roles are just parts of the experience of Self-Empowerment. When we perceive anything or anyone 'out there' to be playing any of those roles in our life, it is essential to recognize the part of you that is that way toward your Self. In this way all the parts of the Self can WHOLE, and the separation of consciousness that is inherent in these emotionally over the top experiences can become a thing of the past.


Venus Pluto aspects bring up the Persephone story. It is important to remember that Persephone was no victim, she was a young woman wise beyond her years, who had a significant relationship with the Gatekeeper to the new realm of consciousness and she knew how to make it work. She also had a deep and abiding relationship with her Mother, and both of these connections speak very directly to the heart and the way it is offered up in the world. Love is love.


We are in the season of Love right now. We are headed for the Aquarius New Moon and the Chinese new year of the Fire Monkey. As we allow spiritu to infuse the higher Mind the heart reaps the greatest rewards. Peace and inner harmony produce a joyful life.


"Each time you forget to remember that everything is available to you in this moment, you postpone your power to create it. If that happens, and it will, just pull yourself back into remembering that not only do you have a say, but that ONLY you have a say."

The Pleiadian High Council through Lauren Gorgo