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Take a close look at the photo above. This is such a clear expression of where we are right now, immersed in the limitless realm and literally AND objectively, so that we can alternatively experience our Selves FEELING the new consciousness surrounding us and SWIMMING  in it. The observer’s perch is well depicted here, and this seems to me to be a great visual aid for this worm hole passage. We are IN and OF Neptune’s domain.  (Having written that, I just spilled a large cup of coffee all over my Self, just to be sure I was truly feeling immersed. The blessing is, it spilled on me, and not on my computer!)


MAR 11 2016 Mercury Neptune New Cycle


Neptune’s domain, indeed. Today Mercury comes together with Neptune to add his newly upgraded mental two cents to the ongoing worm hole journey. The veils that have shrouded our perception for centuries are lifting. This is a great day to pay attention to the political field, because it’s for sure the Truth will be revealed IF you have the eyes to see it. Of course, politics is a tough topic to be unbiased about, but that’s what it takes to be able to perceive the Truth.


Mercury Neptune. People will be speaking the Truth today without realizing it, and for those who are awake, words have the capacity to cut right through the fog and clear things up. It is possible to speak the Truth anywhere today, and leave it right there, for future awakenings. This Mercury Neptune conjunction marks the beginning of a new cycle. When we remember that the mental operating system is brand new, it becomes possible to begin to realize what is possible now.


Many have been reporting intensified senses, psychic connections, hypervision and hearing, etc. The human senses belong to Mercury, and they have been upgraded. This conjunction with Neptune promises to show us how. Pay attention to what others are telling you, because you may not perceive for your Self what is happening, but others will tell you, because that’s exactly what ‘others’ are for. To help you Know your Self in those places where you still don’t See your Self clearly.


This is definitely a day for Seeing your Self clearly, whether you are focused on your Self (preferable), or not. ANYTHING you See today will reflect you back to your Self more stunningly than usual. This conjunction occurs at the same degree where the Sun, and Ceres came together with Neptune (about two weeks ago), 10 Pisces. I will reprint Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for that degree here, because it is SUCH an important sensitive point this year. Both Mars and Saturn will station at 9 Sagittarius later in the year, making this series of connections with Neptune a major veil lifting mechanism.


Fascinatingly, Neptune will move to the 11th degree of Pisces very late tomorrow, and Venus will move into Pisces at the same time. That means that Venus, ruling the heart and this time bringing up the rear in this series of new beginnings, will resonate at a slightly different frequency with Neptune than all the others that came before. It makes sense, as Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and their meeting next week promises to kick off life on Earth with a whole new vibration of Love.


Here is Ellias’ meditation, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:


Pisces 10:  An old witch on a windy promontory. She is calling to the sea.


The greater elements cast us about in their spell of urgency, their gathering squall of the earth herself saying “Enough”. Those who are chosen to heed the signs, to feel the portents, become swept away by the tide of change and engulfed in the eddies of what always stays the same.

                Having a convincing, pervasive, first hand experience of everything raw and direct, huge and stunning. Being right on that edge where you’re the one to catch the wave, to realize what is coming and what it means to us all. Yet not being able to reveal this to others in a form they can fathom. You have to be there to know it this way.

                The overwhelming surge of collective events becomes a perpetual challenge to meet, to integrate, to metabolize into a form that can be passed on to those direr and more separative. Because the messages, the omens are heavily laced with warning and cautionary indications, the conviction arises that the news must get through, but the vibrations     make it very hard for others to enter upon what is being offered in any way that fits their lives, their styles, their minds, their point of view.

                Nonetheless, this is a solitary vigil of one appointed to go out on that edge and stay there and keep tuning in to the signs and indications. In ordinary life, this becomes a force that pulls way too hard on the heartstrings. In apocalyptic times, it is commonsensical, right on that spot, there when needed.

                Inside the inside of this frequency, a far subtler resonance is alive. This involves a whispering, an interior tone that is never strident and always sacred and revelatory. When this layer is tapped, all the fireworks disperse and the only thing remaining is the grace of Divine Mothers intervening power, playing through in wondrous ways. Such a tune underlies all the huge edges all the while and is itself on the far side of the troubles. From that wondrous inward sphere, consolation and peace stream into the cleansed vessels.”


“You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this universe. You didn’t come into this world; you came out of it. Like a wave from the ocean.”

Alan Watts


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