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Mercury recovers his shadow today, AND today is Valentine's day here in the US, the day we celebrate Love. This is the perfect day to catch a glimpse of the new world according to the new operating system. The world as we know looked very VERY different 8 weeks ago, when Mercury entered his shadow on December 19, conjunct Pluto. Storms, fires, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes have all had their say, new planets have emerged, the proof that there is plenty that travels faster than light in this universe, and proof of the fifth dimension. All happened within the last few weeks. And there is so much more...


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The United States is seeing a huge surge toward an antiestablishment type of government,  a much needed revolution that can change life as we know it at last. The balance of power is changing at last. What else could be happening when our consciousness has shifted and locked in to a whole new much higher perspective. From the observer's perch, it is SO much easier to See what has been there all along but was pretty much invisible to the 3D eye.


I want to respond to two different comments I received yesterday... the first is this from Christina:

"I am wondering if you believe the wave detected by LIGO on September 14, 2015 - the wave responsible for all of the exciting news this week - was Wave X? Certainly the timing makes sense. Although the date being used by LIGO slightly precedes Wave X, it could have been the date on which LIGO first detected anything. And it also makes sense that an energy wave as intense as Wave X could cause enough changes in space and time to be measured by LIGO's instuments. Just curious to know what you think."

What I believe is that in order to perceive what Wave X is, we have to use a much broader consciousness. In my estimation, we have been inside of Wave X for a while now, and we will be for a while longer. Inside this huge electromagnetic surge that is blasting our entire Soular system, we are being delivered to many Truths about our physical (and metaphysical) universe that we had yet to fully perceive. And I feel certain there is plenty more where that came from.


The discovery of the gravitational waves that were discovered last September and announced this past week amounts to scientists definitive observation of the fifth dimension. The visual realization of 3D and time working together to produce what they produce... the next dimension. Like everything else, I believe that our new superdimensional operating system allows us to See what we could not see before.


Some would argue that if we couldn't see it, it didn't exist. On the 3D level, this is Truth. But 3D is very far from all there is, and we are finally able to realize that Truth in no uncertain terms. I don't believe there is anything we will ever find or realize that doesn't already exist. It's a matter of expanding into the reality that those realizations exist in. And we are well on our way.


And then from Eunice: "A conversation I had today with another lightworker, mirrored my own current journey.. in that we both are feeling like we are being guided to be quite reclusive, to continue to cleanse, restore, recalibrate etc.. our minds are playing games like (why are you being so isolated?, it is not more social etc)  yet we are honoring the intuitive heart more..and our SELVES..which seem to be growing in SELF LOVE more and more.
Also of note, that Lightworkers tend to move to areas that are part of the Light 'grid' ..and help to stabilize  that grid. When one of us moves, the grid shifts, or another somehow fills that place!"

I couldn't agree more. Many of us are finding the world very very noisy and distracting at this time, and that's because it is. We do need to honor our inner guidance and lay low when we are feeling it. We also need to remember that any time we do venture out into the world, we are the LIGHT, and no matter how uncomfortable we feel as we move through the density that was once our mainstream, we are shedding Light and bringing much needed Love to a world that has been starved of it for many aeons.


I believe we are all being moved around the planet now. Some are called to places temporarily, others are moving. I would never advise contemplating and deciding where to go.. that won't work any more. If you are still and centered your heart will direct you, for a day, or a decade or a lifetime, and you will go, because there is no question where Love is.


"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry