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Mercury made two important aspects yesterday and today he makes FOUR more! Are you paying attention to the messages you're receiving? It's hard to imagine anything more significant right now than the information that is reaching your consciousness. For example, I was watching TV yesterday and I caught a report about global warming that was depicting the warmest February on record... EVER. I've heard all that before, (and don't get me wrong, I know it's True), but what got through to me was the fact that they were showing a graphic that revealed the extent of the problem, and they reported that the data was coming from one of the satellites circling the Earth. Now THAT is an observer's perch perspective if I've ever seen one!


MAR 14 2016 Mercury Saturn Stepping Stone

MAR 15 2016 Mercury Pluto Resource







If you watch the world out of the corner of your eye, and listen out of the corner of your ear, you'll find the higher consciousness permeating everything. What is so amazing is that it was there all along, of course, we just didn't have the capacity to realize it. Everything everywhere has another, much more multidimensional reality to it. It's up to us to perceive it.


And there's more good news. If you miss it, the Truth remains, and it will be revealed whenever you're ready to See it. The more present you can be in any moment, the more likely you'll catch the Truth of it sooner or later. Pay attention to anything that catches your eye. Anything that smacks you between the eyes, anything that seems to shake you, gently or otherwise, and wake you up.


It's important to note that Mercury formed a stepping stone with Saturn yesterday and he forms a bridge with Jupiter today. This has significance for two reasons. First, Mercury has arrived at the eclipse point (today and tomorrow). He will connect with Chiron and the Moon's Nodes just as soon as this bridge with Jupiter opens. This is another reason to keep your ears peeled and your eyes wide open for information that can change everything in an instant.


The second important reason to open up for Mercury is that he is activating the Jupiter Saturn stepping stone, the second of three, which becomes exact tomorrow morning. You may recall that Jupiter and Saturn formed their first of these three stepping stones last August, when they squared each other at 29 Leo and Scorpio, which are the master degrees of the signs they were transiting. That kicked off a major shift in social consciousness, which I have referred to quite a lot as the transition from social to spiritual consciousness.


It makes sense to me that this second of three stepping stones, is finding social consciousness so powerfully polarized at this time. It's vital to remember that this is a turning point, and a critical one at that, and not by any means an ending. We are just in the middle of this major change, and all change is preceded by intense polarization.


Stay detached, stay centered, and keep shining. We are in a worm hole, and not even half way through.


"In the flush of love's light

we dare be brave

And suddenly we see

that love costs all we are

and will ever be.

Yet, it is only love which sets us free."

Maya Angelou