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The Moon moves into Gemini at 9:36am EST, which is perfectly fitting for the kickoff of Mercury's new chapter, because Mercury is at home in Gemini. Today we begin life with our new mental operating system completely on line. We will need to be prepared for all the unprecedented ways in which we will be able to communicate and connect with the outer world. The first realizations we will need though, are the new ways in which we communicate within our Selves.


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These are the first few steps we will take as newly upgraded humans, with primarily crystalline operating systems. Crystal has so much more multidimensional capacity for interconnection, and this is what we will notice more and more as we go forward.


The week ahead is filled with shifts, large and small, personal and collective. Venus enters Aquarius and begins a journey with Mercury, bringing about an awakened Mind/Heart balance. The Sun moves into Pisces and we enter a collective limitless realm of possibilities. But perhaps the most important events this week are the coming together of Ceres, the Midwife/Mother with Neptune, the archetype of enlightenment, and the opening of the bridge that takes us from Mars, ruler of the physical body to Sedna, the collective record keeper.


Ceres Neptune promises to produce a major launch of a newly elevated consciousness. The presence of the midwife energy offers the kind of assist we can make the most of. Imagine giving birth and having a knowledgeable wise being there to take over and help that process to happen. It's hard to think of a more meaningful attendee than a nurturing, fully educated wise one facilitating the process of enlightenment that we are all here to achieve but also feel we don't really know how to get to.


Mars moves into his retrograde shadow on the 18th, and then on Saturday moves into the first of three bridges with Sedna, and these will take us through to October. Mars will be retrograde from mid April through to the end of June, and will complete his shadow recovery at the end of September. This seems to point to a recalibration at the physical level, and I feel certain many of us will agree that this is essential right now.


We have been dealing with so many physical issues lately, in the process of clearing out the goo at he bottom of our proverbial karmic barrels. We need some help. Sedna has an archetypal essence that is way past the 5D consciousness we are moving into now. We are aware of it, we have named it, and we have located it, and so its essence is at work on our higher Selves. Sedna holds knowledge of everything that has ever happened anywhere in the universe.


To form a bridge with our physical being is certain to transform it in huge ways. We're all up for it at this time. This manifestation begins this week, and by the time Mars is finished making these connections we are certain to be completely new. In fact, it's quite likely the whole planet will be upgraded at that time.


It's quite a year ahead of us.


"The lions and tigers and bears of time and space are really the angels and fairies and unicorns that followed you here, in disguise, from worlds beyond, agreeing to poke, unnerve, and awaken you should you ever begin to forget that you're making it all up - your life, that is."
Now that's love -
 The Universe  (Mike Dooley)