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I was talking about how the lower body rulers will be offering us ample opportunities to make use of our new operating systems, and today, as Venus spends her first full day in Aquarius, she she is close on the heels of Mercury and makes the only planetary connection of the day. I'll get to that aspect in a moment, but for now, let's look a little more closely at the relationship between Mercury and Venus, because it's fascinating, and it is the reflection of the new male/female balance within each of us.


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Mercury's recent retrograde cycle, the mental operating system swap out, actually brought Venus much closer to Mercury. Mercury is picking up speed now, though, and he travels faster than Venus, (unless he is retrograde) and so despite being close enough to dance with each other right now, they are not going to get any close at this time. They are, however, going to travel together, within up to 32 degrees of each other, during this next cycle of Mercury's journey.


Then, the next time Mercury goes retrograde, in May, Venus will catch up with him, and they will come together then. That conjunctions, with Mercury retrograde in Taurus, marks the beginning of a brand new cycle of male female balance. It's worth noting that Taurus is Venus' home, and when these two come together, she will pull ahead of Mercury for a while, until he recovers his speed and they come together again in July in Leo.


This Male/Female rebalancing process is crucial to the Uranus Eris triple conjunction that begins in June. It will become more and more imperative that we each take up full residence in our feminine energies, so that the new masculine energies can kick in. the new masculine energies must be heart driven, and it is easy to understand then why it is so essential to get anchored in the feminine 'allowing' mode.


With Mercury traveling ahead of Venus right now, he is taking the lead in the recalibration process. This stands to reason, as the mental operating system is brand new, and we need to find our way around it. Mercury formed a subtle adjustment connections with Saturn (a semisquare) on Saturday night, just as he recovered his shadow. Today Venus does the same. Venus Saturn aspects speak to self-empowerment and personal authority.


A semisquare is halfway between a semisextile (intimacy) and a sextile (resource), and so this subtle shift in consciousness represents that turning point where the new understanding we have becomes important enough to turn into important behaviors and skills and talents, which will show up when the resource occurs (February 24 for Mercury, and February 29 for Venus).


These resourceful energies will serve us well and deliver us to the next worm hole, or eclipse passage, which opens March 8. The next few months are designed to help us achieve the kind of new balance that is required to enter fully into the new world as upgrade crrystalline homo luminous beings.


When Venus and Mercury reach their furthest distance from each other in early April, they will be in a semisextile relationship, and for the first time since the new operating system has been functional, the male and female Selves will come to understand each other in ways that have never been possible before.


What an incredibly exciting time...


“Faith is a passionate intuition.”

William Wordsworth