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I had written in the margins of my aspect book a note about the next few days and how they focus on gender equality and fluidity, and I want to write about how Venus, Mercury and Mars are interacting with each other in the higher dimensions as well as this one all week. Watch for those themes, for sure, because the new gender fluid world is emerging as we speak. However, now that we are here, in this moment, there seems nothing else to discuss but the Virgo/Pisces polarity, and how eight planets and the Moon (on and off) are lighting that bridge up for each and every one of us to cross.


2 25 16 Mercury Saturn Resource


The bridge will be open for the duration of the upcoming wormhole, which begins on March 8, but is being set up right now, courtesy of the Virgo Full Moon last Monday. The eclipses are fairly common events, they  occur 4-6 times every single year. They can only occur when the Moon is new (solar eclipse) or full (lunar eclipse) and only when the degree of the zodiac that the new or full moon occurs at is also very close to the Moon’s nodes. The Nodes are currently in late Virgo Pisces. The last new Moon at 4 Virgo was too far from the nodes to cause an eclipse. But the next full Moon at 20 Pisces will be almost exactly conjunct the Moon’s South Node, causing a total eclipse.


The next Full Moon after that new Moon on March 8 will take place on March 23 at 2 Libra. That too is close enough to the North Node in late Virgo to cause a partial lunar eclipse. Then that full Moon eclipse will reverberate, taking us places we never dreamed of going, until the following New Moon in Aries, on April April 8th. That New Moon in Aries kicks off a major new cycle, and it is conjunct Uranus and Eris, which is the most important coming together in of planetary archetypes in human consciousness to date (they begin a three part conjunction in Mid June).


It should be pretty obvious that the upcoming worm hole, or sideways elevator, as I like to call these passages, is on whopper of an event. It mostly takes place on the wide open Virgo Pisces bridge, the zoom lens of our consciousness, and with Jupiter and Chiron ALSO in the middle of a three part bridge with each other right smack in the center of all this eclipse activity, it’s safe to say that personal mastery, on every single level of our existence, is available to us now, and it is absolutely in our best interest to make the most of the opportunities to master our Selves (mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually), with every event that arises.


The second eclipse will be conjunct Haumea and the Super Galactic Center. You may or may not recall the major events that occurred back in October and November last year, as each of the rulers of the lower four body system transited this vital degree. That was a calibration process, this is the activation of that upgrade coming up, and we want to be prepared.


Knowing how to be prepared is impossible and definitely not the point. Be present, be ready to let you heart lead you, and have faith in your own Creator energy, which is in so many ways your connection to Source.


The Eclipse passage opens in a couple of weeks, but it is already here, and we are feeling it in big ways.


By the way, the sore throats and throat clearings are karmic debris being let go of and removed. Let it all be, let it all go.


“In every moment of your life… you can be either a host to God or a hostage to your ego. Its your call.”
~ Dr Wayne Dyer