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I received  a wonderful email from one of my Cosmic Consciousness students, Alison Beth Levy, entitled "Why Feb 29th is "0.0.Hunab Ku" on The Galactic Calendar"  It's an excerpt from an article by Eden Skywalker that states:

"0.0.Hunab Ku: This day occurs every four years precisely between the 22nd and 23rd days of the Galactic Moon, and can be viewed as an extra day out of time which is no day of the week, moon or the galactic spin, hence 0.0.Hunab Ku. This is an especially spiritual day since Hunab Ku refers both to the center of the Galaxy and to the Supreme Creator, One Giver of Movement and Measure...."  In Lak'ech ~ I am Another Yourself,
Eden Skywalker of    (Thank you Alison)


2 29 16 Venus Saturn Resource

There was a lot of amazing feedback to yesterday's blog, not surprisingly, because it focused on the polarization that is being so powerfully expressed by the political situation in our country at this time. Other situations were mentioned, notably the heroin problem. Polarization is essential if there is going to be change.


It reminds me of what happened when we burned through the 4th dimension and realized that 5 had been there all along. Do you remember the 4th dimension? It contained  and still does for those who focus on it) the astral plane, the drama of the galactic federation, and the polarization of all the duality on the planet. We burned through this very dense dimension with the Light we were activating within our Selves, until the veil became so thin it just disappeared.


The polarization taking place on the planet in 3D at this time is very much the same process. As we come to embody the Light in our physical bodies, the polarities of 3D will disappear and give us free reign to bring the 5D Self and beyond into the physical world.


I received another great comment from Goldlight907 (Sorry I don'tknow your name, but I love your handle). She said: "A side note on the lighter side…It is amazing that the Sun and Neptune conjunct exact on the biggest day for Hollywood! There is bound to be a great message of clarity coming from the winners, with our society attaching itself to a message of deep and profound meaning. The land of ‘make-believe’ has the ability to unlock layers of meaning like nothing else can."


I am writing this as I watch the red carpet happening. We already know that the lack of diversity is a big issue tonight. But that's the polarity... let's See what the clarity brings. Hollywood is bringing the main focus at this time. It has more influence than anything else at this time.


It is amazing that Hollywood's night falls on this Sun Neptune conjunction. Ceres is also in the mix, so we can certainly expect to see some new energies emerging, probably in the form of important messages coming from our greatest stars.


"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."

- Robert Bresson