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If you’re asking questions, ANY questions, such as what, how, when, where, or especially why, then the only thing you need to know is that you are not letting your heart do the walking. There’s a huge planetary event coming up this weekend, a Mercury Mars stepping stone, that kicks off the physical transmutation process that marks the next couple of seasons. This transmutation has to happen before the answers to those questions can be realized. Please note: the operative word there is realized… NOT understood. In Truth, there is absolutely, positively no way to understand in this moment what will be second nature come the Fall.


MAR 2 2016 Venus Uranus Resource

The first few days of this week. leading up to that Mercury Mars event on Saturday, are divinely designed to give us all the opportunity to move more fully into our hearts. This is by far the most productive use of our energies right now. When the heart is ready, the mind/body recalibration will come.


To put it another way, if the heart is not open, and in a surrendered state of Faith, the Mind/Body recalibration will still come, but we will be so taken up with the questions we are still seeking answers to that the new state of physicality will have to wait until we recognize it. That recognition is not about understanding, it’s about having the experience of it.


The Mercury Mars Stepping stone on Saturday occurs at the master degrees (29) of Aquarius and Scorpio respectively. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. That means he is VERY resourceful there. Mars is the classical (original) ruler of Scorpio. That means he is notoriously comfortable there. The 29th degree of a sign confers the mastery of the planet’s archetype through that quality of consciousness (sign).


There’s a lot on the line, because later on Saturday Mercury enters Pisces and begins his journey toward Neptune, Ceres, Chiron and the South Node, Earth Star Chakra. Chiron and the South Node will be directly affected by the total Solar Eclipse on Monday next week, which ALSO and by definition includes the Sun and the Moon. That is one giant stellium (group of planets) in the limitless realm, being eclipsed (sent down the sideways elevator).


Mars is going to move into Sagittarius, headed for a meeting with Saturn, but he won’t get there till the end of August, because he is going retrograde this year. This is the reflection of the major physical recalibration we are all about to go through. Consider that you are on the great cosmic operating table being prepped for a total physical overhaul.


You’re under anesthesia. THAT is why you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and pretty much unable to get major things done. Once you realize this, by panning out and perceiving the bigger picture, you can stop asking why and start BEING just where you are, knowing you are safe in the capable hands of your higher Self, and allowing the new energies to be installed, or downloaded, or realized (those are all the same thing at this moment).


Hopefully these words makes sense to you, and you can let this column kick off a whole day of Venus Uranus revelations and resources. LET YOUR HEART RUN THE SHOW.



“Aim with your heart, steer with your mind, and know that it always works.” 

Love you,
  The Universe   (Mike Dooley)