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If you missed the THIRD COSMIC ENCHANTMENT Q&A channeled by Ray Rolando and my Self, recorded Tuesday March 1, you can purchase the MP3 HERE..  Exchange: $33

Check out all the new Cosmic Consciousness from Christine Clemmer, Shelly Leal, and Sylviane Gianina!

Welcome to the first real 3:3 Star Gate of 2016. ¬†There’s plenty of manifestation everywhere we look today. Every day this month features a hidden 3:3 Star Gate, but those are quite different from the four actual 3:3 Star Gates that happen this month. ¬†So let’s talk about Star Gates. They are very VERY important, and each and every one of us should know what they are and what they provide.


Mar 3 2016 Venus Jupiter Great Eiminator

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