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Today's Mercury Mars stepping stone has been building all week and it has certainly been felt deeply by each and every one of us. This is the beginning of the "cosmic surgical procedure" that will swap out the old physicality for a brand new one. This 5D 'operation'  will take most of the year ahead to complete, and it begins right here with a stepping stone (square) of the highest order. Two lower body rulers of the Mind and the Body, each in a favorite sign (quality of consciousness), and each at the Master degree (29) of their respective signs. And this is just the very VERY beginning.


MAR 5 2016 Mercury Mars Stepping Stone

MAR 5 2016 Mercury enters Pisces

MAR 5 2016 Mars enters Sagittarius






Today's stepping stone brings us the opportunity to rise above the age old Mind/Body conundrum by availing our Selves of the chance to stay above the emotional fray of it all and remain detached from the emotional traps that result from the mental gymnastics of the lower mind and the subsequent physical reactions that have perpetually kept us from accessing our higher Selves.


The Mind/Body conundrum refers to the lower mind's habit of insinuating its fear based beliefs into the day to day goings on of our existence. The physical world is made more and more dense by the consistent fear based actions we have been subconsciously driven to carry out for so many millennia.


We are awake now, and we understand we have a different choice. That choice is Love. It is heart centered stillness that moves us inexorably toward the higher Mind and the new world it unlocks. Today's square begins the process of 'enlightening' the physical body, locking it into a much more functional mechanism, one that works seamlessly in the 5D world.


Mars and Mercury move into new signs before the night is over. This launches the new chapter of our earthly journey, and it is unlike anything that came before it. FASTEN SEAT BELTS.


"There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn and the dark of night, and if you go, no one may follow, that path is for your steps alone."

Jerry Garcia