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Social consciousness, from the way the world is interacting to our personal social status, is largely front and center this week. Today the Moon is void in Sagittarius from midnight until 1:46pm EDT, and then she moves into Capricorn. That puts Jupiter and Saturn in charge of today’s emotional atmosphere, and these two giants are currently smack in the middle of a triple stepping stone (square) that is giving awakened ones everywhere a leg up on the ways in which humans interact with one another. “Me and you” is becoming “I AM you and Your Are me”. Unity consciousness is currently becoming the standard, though at this moment it is hard won. Soon, though, the triumph of the higher Self and Unity consciousness will be easily and readily identifiable.


MAR 30 2016 Mercury Pluto Stepping Stone


Today, inside the void Jupiter Moon, Mercury forms an all important stepping stone with Pluto, providing the much needed transformational energy required to process all of yesterday’s Mercury interaction with Jupiter and Saturn. What is fascinating is that Mercury is today transiting the degree of the upcoming Aries new Moon, which is also the deliverance from this worm hole passage we’ve been hurling through. Mercury is leading the way right now, and it is definitely comforting to know that our mental operating system has been so powerfully upgraded. Who knows what would be happening if this were not so?


In Truth, there are many who have not yet allowed the upgrade to take hold, and all we need to do (if we really wanted to) to realize what can happen when the old mental operating system leads the way is have a look around. It is best, though, to stay focused within, and let the un-upgraded chips fall where they may.


The Sagittarius Moon is ruled by Jupiter, as mentioned, and Jupiter is also giving Mars its current disposition as he travels through Sagittarius. As we know, Mars is preparing to retrograde back into Scorpio, which is Pluto’s sign, and that makes today’s Mercury Pluto stepping stone more than a little significant. There is plenty of important transformation information to be realized today.


In addition, this is a 3:3 Star Gate day, bringing much to manifestation. The Mercury Pluto stepping stone today ties Mercury and Mars together in subtle ways that promise to reveal at least some of what is taking place as each of us undergoes a kind of recalibration/realignment process that feels very much like a sling shot being pulled back in preparation for aiming and firing. Can you deny the feeling that something huge is about to happen for you?


All we can do is stay tuned… to our Selves. Saturn is still stationing, making the inner guru very commanding at this time. Tomorrow Mercury makes first contact with Uranus, followed by a connection with Eris this weekend. It’s safe to say that today is in very many ways the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.


“Love is not what we become, but what we already are.”

Stephen Levine