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HAPPY APRIL! We enter the '4' vibration of this '9' year and suddenly the soft circular motion becomes straight lines with edges. Don't get me wrong, '4' is a great number, it is MY number, in fact, but it takes some adapting to, as three is the number of manifestation and flow, and four is the number of stabilization and grounding. It is the number of the world, and of getting down to the business of making things solid and substantial. It is the number of the cross, and in that sense represents the human experience of life on earth, and also, in the highest sense, it represents the 4 royal stars and the archangels. It's a number that means business, and we are going to feel the shift today.

4 1 16

This change from the manifestation (trine) energy to the stabilization (cross) energy comes in the middle of some huge planetary goings on. Venus, Ceres, Chiron and the Earth Star Chakra (the Moon's South Node) are all dancing together in Pisces, while Saturn and Jupiter hold tightly to a stepping stone (square) that is changing our social consciousness into something never before experienced. Mercury is triggering the Uranus Eris meeting that will dominate the Summer, Fall and Winter ahead, and Saturn has begun his journey to an all important meeting with Mars, at the end of August, that will reactivate the recent stepping stone with Neptune.

Shifting into the 'now we mean business' mode right here right now is sure to have significant results. It's been a wild ride through a Piscean worm hole that was a lot like riding a non stop wave through the middle of the ocean. It demanded surrender and faith, and if we were able to bring those qualities to the forefront, it yielded plenty of options that were meant to redirect our focus. True, we went from here to there and back again, and we all said more than a few times that we had no idea at all what was going on, but it delivered us to our own depths, and we found that we can be more comfortable there than we ever dreamed possible.

And now we head toward the Aries new Moon and the end of the worm hole passage. The eclipses are over, and the twists and turns are fewer and farther between. Soon they will end, long enough to deliver us to a new chapter that is, hopefully, much more closely aligned with our innermost vision. We have learned to manifest the world we live in by thinking thoughts and speaking words that are in alignment with where we most want to be. We have come to trust in the magic of the higher Self and its capacity to be all the guidance we need.

We remember, so much more often, to keep our focus high, on the higher Self, on the universe, on God, and to be informed and impulsed by that Truth. And the more we do this, the more we realize that we have created a world based on fear. And that fear has produced a lot of greed and power hungry elements that "appear" to be running the world right now. Don't focus on that, just acknowledge your awareness of it. And continue to be the Light. BE LOVE. That is what this world needs most, and thinking that it does is not at all the same thing as BEING THAT LOVE.

There's nothing else to do at this moment, but when something arises that requires our efforts, we will know it, and we will be there, in it, without a second thought. This is the beginning of that new chapter. This is the chapter that delivers us fully and completely to the new world.

"The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses."

- Edith Södergran