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Today's 4:4 Star Gate introduces us to the very significant new structures that are beginning to manifest in each and every one of our lives. Last week SO much changed. That was preparation for this week, which promises to take the change to all new levels. The week opens on an important few days, delivering us to the end of the eclipse passage, when the New Moon in Aries occurs on April 7, Thursday morning (EDT). The Aries energies are activating a whole group of new themes.

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Last week Mercury triggered the slowly manifesting Uranus Eris conjunction in Aries. This week the Sun and Moon will come together WITH Uranus and Eris, planting the seeds of the triple conjunction that promises to transform life as we know it in the coming months.

Venus moves into Aries this week as well, shifting that major Pisces stellium that has kept us in the limitless realm for weeks into an Aries grouping. Aries represents the capacity to bring Light into our thought processes, activating the higher consciousness, and bringing Love to the Mind.

In order to do this effectively, the body has to be properly aligned with the mind, heart and spirit. Mars, ruler of Aries, is also the ruler of the body, and Mars moves into his storm period tomorrow, before going retrograde on April 17th.

Mars' storm period occurs as Mars slows to a halt before turning around to make his apparent backwards journey. Inside a Mars storm, physical issues pop up everywhere. These may be individual and personal, or they may relate to your home, your property or the planet her Self.

We can definitely expect earth changes to increase now, especially with Uranus (lightning) and Eris (volcanoes and earthquakes) in tow. We re in for a 10 week physical transmutation that is directly related to the Uranus Eris conjunction that dominates the cosmos for the next year or so.

The Sun Uranus conjunction on April 9/10 brings turnarounds at every level of our experience. Venus and Mercury will enter new signs this week, changing the personal perspective on the events that take place as well.

The end of the old order is relatively complete, and with it comes the all new world and our first few steps into it. It's an exciting time, but much of that experience depends on where we are putting our focus. Stay tuned to Love, to the highest purpose that absolutely exists in everything. Nothing is going to happen that isn't for our highest good. Nothing is going to happen that isn't meant to happen.

Uranian energies require an openness that is unprecedented. Eris' energies can be disruptive, but only to bring about new energies. Letting go of the past is requisite if we're going to allow the new order to make itself known.

"By causal law, you will always and eventually attract the opposite reality (of what you desire) until you come fully into resonance with “having” it.

All this in the name of higher LOVE.

You are always given ample opportunity to rise above, to heal the aching illusion of whole the separation wherever it manifests in your life or body.  And always, without fail, for the purpose of remembering your true nature as LOVE.

Because in "reality", there is no other reality than LOVE."

-Pleiadian High Council through Lauren Gorgo