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No matter what, you should be looking at a whole new set of activities and options, already on your plate, the result of all the clearing you've done in the past weeks, inside that wild and crazy worm hole.  It just goes to show you that working on bringing your Self to your center is a far more efficient way to get to where you're most meant to go. Considering options or conjuring up a path to travel is never as effective. The path you want is the one you're on, and the job is to clear the debris and the veils that prevent you from recognizing that.

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I find it so fascinating that the Aries new Moon occurred at almost exactly the same moment that Mars entered his stationing degree. Mars is the "ruler" of the new chapter, and the fact that he is VERY slowly pulling into a retrograde station is most important to consider. The newness we are stepping into is meant to be savored and above all present for. Rushing through these first steps into a new chapter (which is actually a new world) would be setting your Self up for some missed opportunities.

Mars rules the physical body, and that means YOUR body, and also your physical realm. Your home, your office, the land you live on, the city, the town the country, the planet. All of this is your physical world, and it is about to be completely transmuted. This Mars retrograde cycle is very much connected to Saturn and Pluto, as well as Jupiter. That means the social consciousness is due to be powerfully affected by the physical transmutation process we are set to undergo, and that ALL of this will be resurrected in the process.

Pluto is the gatekeeper to the new consciousness, and as such his archetypal energies deliver us to the invisible realm. Do you recognize what the invisible realm is? We have called it the underworld for centuries, and conjured up a lot of negativity to go along with it. But none of that is Truth. The invisible realm is our home. It is where we go when we are not in physical form, experiencing separation consciousness. It is our natural environment, and now that we recognize it, we are ready to be physically recalibrated so that our physical frequency is aligned with our capacity to move freely through that world and back again.

We have been as mistaken about Pluto's energies as we have about Mars', and for that reason, it makes perfect sense that these two archetypes are headed for their respective retrograde stations together. Pluto is in Saturn's sign and Mars (and Saturn) are in Jupiter's sign, and that brings the Jupiter Saturn Stepping stone, which will complete in the middle of the Mars/Pluto retrogrades, fully front and center.

The energies that activated yesterday are vast and collectively created. We experience this next leg of the journey profoundly individually, but then there is no reason whatsoever to be here is not to take it all on at the most personal level. We can rest assured in the knowledge that taking care of the Self IS taking care of it all.

The Sun is about to spend the weekend lighting up and giving life to the Uranus Eris conjunction. Stay open and stay tuned.

"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor." -

English proverb