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All weekend long we’ve been in the throes of a major energizing of the still forming Uranus Eris conjunction, courtesy of the Sun. While this was happening, Venus and Ceres crossed the world axis and entered Aries, as if to add a major divine feminine touch to the whole powerful awakening experience. Early tomorrow morning the Sun and Eris will come together to complete this circuit, and we will be inside this energetic all day today.

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Let’s talk about Eris. Eris was the very first of the new Kuiper Belt objects to be discovered.  It is specifically because of Eris that Pluto was demoted and Ceres was upgraded. All of this occurred on the same day in 2008, and all three of these celestial archetypes are now known as dwarf planets.

Eris has that kind of effect. She disrupts what has been, often very suddenly, to deliver us to a new understanding. In this way she is an Awakener, very much in the same way that Uranus is. Uranus delivers us to the higher Self. Eris organically disrupts what has been so that we can See what truly is.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Eris’ archetype acts like an earthquake or volcano, erupting from within, typically after a long term discontentment or anger, to reveal what has been held within for so long. What this Truth is has been bubbling and baking and being configured for way longer than the consciousness can see.

During the past few weeks, since the eclipse passage began, many Truths about what is happening underneath the surface of so many conventions have been unveiled. The Panama papers, the Truth of the way the political system runs in the USA, and so much more is now completely transparent, because long term discontentment at the collective level has made these Truths apparent.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are erupting everywhere. This is the equivalent at the earth level of the above. And these same inner eruptions are occurring within each of us too, at the most personal level. All of this activity is taking place in Aries, which is by far the most personal, most individual part of our consciousness. It is also the place within us all where awakening takes place.

Today’s Sun Eris conjunction will certainly produce plenty of transparency, but it’s important to note that this is just the beginning. The Uranus Eris conjunction begins in earnest on June 8th, and will continue through to next year, right around the same time the Sun returns to light up this conjunction once again.

It’s going to be quite a year of unveilings and new beginnings, at every level, on every dimension of our existence. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Eris conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 23:   A bottle labeled “Drink Me”.


The capacity to change. The endlessly plastic protoplasmic willingness to take on any size or definition for the time, for as long as it serves. The roles are in constant motion, and soon what seemed to be this way will become a whole other way, with precious little memory of what came before.

                When this gets speeded up, it can become a frenzy of instant shifts and quick changes. When it slows down and deepens, it can arise into life wisdom and the most astounding skills and gifts. An inward rudder is required to guide the deepening process, and sometimes getting to the point of respecting and acknowledging the presence of the inward rudder is half the battle.

                Circulating between failure and success, chaos and sturdiness, shadow and light. Being conversant with every side and dreaming into every facet. Learning through experience, the hard way, what pans out and what is just a passing fancy.

                Developing eventually the ability to wait, to reflect, to be unattached. This makes a world of difference. Then getting swallowed up in a given passage is no longer a blind ally. There is space and breath, freedom to move and freedom to not move yet.

                Just to be able to hold the edge, to keep a taut line of attention and responsiveness is really what it’s all about. By observing, witnessing, appreciating what is coming through, we gain the leverage we badly need. As soon as the compulsiveness quotient gives way to the destiny aliveness quotient, we switch from bondage to liberation.

                The free version looks and feels and is as good as bright, for along the way we just get a little smarter and more surrendered and we let everybody do it through us.”

“The only way that you are going to succeed in your mission here on earth is to stop reacting to the majority and focus on your purpose.” 
– Guru Singh 

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