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There are some very fascinating reverberations going on in the cosmos, all of them seeming to be manifestations of the now fully triggered Uranus Eris new cycle.  So many of you are reporting giant awakenings, and others giant disruptions to your lives. It's important to note that both of these events are essentially the same... that is they lead to the same new consciousness, and any part of you that decides one event is better or more desirable than the other is the part that needs your attention. "Better" or "worse is pure judgment, and judgment has no place in the new consciousness. It prevents you from perceiving the Truth, which is always that whatever is happening simply IS, and it is taking place for your highest good... that is for your evolution and for no other reason.

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Today features two planetary alignments, both of which can be classified as 'subtle' aspects, (formerly known as minor). Both of these connections are related very profoundly to the Uranus Eris conjunction. The first, at 3:14am EDT is a Sun Mars sesquisquare, which I am going to give the cosmic consciousness title of 'moderator'. A Sun Mars moderator is extremely significant right now, subtle as its effects may be, because the Sun has just come off of its ignition of the Uranus Eris conjunction, and Mars, which disposes all three of those planets right now, is slowing to a halt to go retrograde next week.

This is going to moderate the energies that the Sun has set to percolation mode, and if you reflect on the effects of this process, it becomes obvious how necessary it can be. For those who are Self-Realizing, moderation is your friend, and for those whose lives are being powerfully disrupted at this moment, moderation is ALSO your friend.

Mars is the ruler of the physical body AND the physical EARTH, and he has entered his storm period. That means that the disruptions that are occurring everywhere on the planet are part of the retrograde process. THAT means that when Mars moves back and forth over these highly energized areas, everything will transmute and turn to something more the most physical level.

The other planetary event taking place today is a Jupiter Uranus parallel, the energetic equivalent of a conjunction, but occurring at the higher plane of consciousness. That means that the Uranian forces that are contributing the awakening process with Eris are being expanded and made even more conscious by the presence of Jupiter. Jupiter is currently disposing Mars (and Saturn). At this time there are few planets in the cosmos that are not completely involved with one another.

It's a wondrous thing then the the cosmos is our greatest reflection. No matter what it looks like here on Earth at the moment, the higher forces are conspiring to bring us to unity, once and for all.

"Take the risk. Be in the flow of Love. Allow Love to Be and merge with that Being. Let go of controlling it. Let go of the fear. Allow Love to guide you. Allow it to move you. Listen deeply. Know that what it asks of you might not be easy but it will be honest. Live the Truth of your heart whatever that is. That is your only mission. That is your Path."

~Carolyn Robbins