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The Scorpio Full Moon occurs as the day begins, and it's a very pervasive one. Please go and check out Emily Samet's Full Moon article, it's extremely powerful...The Scorpio Full Moon was palpable all day yesterday, and it promises to resonate for the next two weeks. The energies we are working with are so much more immense than usual, and we'll be learning to embrace and accommodate these new frequencies all throughout the Mars retrograde cycle, the Pluto retrograde cycle and the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle. In fact, as of next week there will be five planets in retrograde at the same time, a phenomenon that has not occurred for more than a decade. In Cosmic Consciousness retrograde planets take us closer to Source energy and that, combined with today's Full Moon conjunct the Shapley Black Hole (Source) and Saturn just about to retrograde back over the Great Attractor Source energy, it does seem to be all about synching with so much of the new SOURCE consciousness that has permeated our consciousness.

4 22 16 Venus Uranus New Cycle

4 22 16 Scorpio Full Moon

Today's Full Moon brings in all kinds of multidimensional consciousness, courtesy of its' connection to the Black Hole Shapley, a Source energy that provides consciousness to our neighboring super cluster. When you think about it, it wasn't long ago that that idea of different Sources and multiple realities was more like science fiction than truth. Our new multidimensional reality makes SO MUCH possible, and our world is constantly reshaping itself.

This phenomenon will continue for quite some time. It has to, because there is so much realization of the limitless realm to be processed, and this will happen in ways we have not yet come to understand. Coming to understand this new reality is not a mental function, the way we have been accustomed to for so many thousands and thousands of years. Understanding is the result of a full blown full bodied experience of something that has never been accessible to us before.

Scorpio is the sign of the metaphysical and the alchemical. Transformation is the name of the game, and this process, once activated (and that is certainly the case), does not stop for anyone or anything. It cannot be altered, nor can it be full understood until it has completed its unfoldment.

Pluto, Scorpio's dispositor, has just gone retrograde in Capricorn. The Full Moon today is very powerful, as Pluto is rarely more intensified in its energies than when it is stationing. It's frequencies and vibrations are sure to produce major transmutation in each of us, and these changes will not be fully realized until the shift has completed.

Pluto is in Saturn's sign, and Saturn is preparing to retrograde back over the Great Attractor degree momentarily. Remember the Great Attractor, the SOURCE black hole that gives consciousness to the entire 4 chambered SUPER CLUSTER family, of which we AND SHAPLEY are a part? It is getting easier and easier to see how the planets in our local SOULAR system are completely and intrinsically connected to the much larger changes that are taking place.

Unity consciousness is taking hold, and it seems to me that this is the key to the full blown activation of the Uranus Eris conjunction in ARIES. The visit from Venus to the Uranus Eris conjunction begins today as well, but we will visit that tomorrow, as it seems this Full Moon is the great trigger for so much transformation in the world (and within each of us).

So much has happened that changed the world this past week, and it's a little unsettling to realize that the changes have not quite begun. It's important to tune into the highest energies of the Scorpio quality of our consciousness right now, which is the capacity to think with Source's mind, and allowing our bodies to do Source's work.

All the inner disruption we are feeling is simply the result of our transmutation process, which is essential if we're going to do our jobs, light working. It's time to BE the candle for the world, no matter what happens, no matter how we're feeling.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale's meditation for today's Full Moon, reprinted with the author's permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Scorpio 3:  Pigs being fed.

 "If we are ravenous, it’s only because we haven’t been fed what we really need and we’ve become accustomed to substitutes. The outer has become our obsessive focus. The inner has lost out to what shows up as urgent, gotta go here, gotta make it work there.

                We live through the external to such an extent that our soul starves and we rarely recognize the symptoms. It starts with telling ourselves stories about what is happening and who we are, stories which are old, stories which we have told so many times before. Then it gets much worse when we institutionalize and crystallize the patterns as fatalistically assumed to go that way every time. Now we really are generating a runaway world with a self hiding from itself everywhere.

                The compulsive feedback loop of the external has to be unhooked. The habitual turning toward doing it the same way again needs badly to be overturned. But how can we turn these matters around when they are the very stuff of our lives, the glue that keeps us together?

                Well, we have to get fed up to such an extent that we touch once again that raw place of burning need for substantiation, for embodied heart forces to prevail somehow somewhere. And then we will begin to discover that none of this is happening to us, all of it is our own way to perpetrate the syndromes that seemed to offer safety and security, comfort and stability, ease and familiarity.

                We have bought the system, the lie. We have fallen for the semblance version. No matter how far we took it, it still turns out to be empty and void. The Old Earth can’t feed us enough lies and promises to keep us going in times of radical earth shifts, the ones which our body is right in the midst of and powerfully channeling.

                There is great hope that can come out of the confrontation with the old outward stuff and the ways it leaves us cold and barren."


 "In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."

Dalai Lama 


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